Phillies Add Ryne Sandberg and Others as Coaches

No surprise here.  

If you haven’t heard: Within minutes of the Phillies season ending yesterday, the team let go of first base coach Sam Perlozzo, bench coach Pete Mackanin, and hitting coach Greg Gross.

Today they announced their replacements and other changes.

Ryne Sandberg will join the team as their third base coach (and heir apparent to Charlie Manuel), though he can still interview for managerial jobs this winter. Steve Henderson will be the hitting coach (he was the Rays' hitting coach from 2006-2009). Mick Billmeyer will switch from bullpen coach to catching coach. Juan Samuel was offered to move from third base coach to first base coach, but he hasn't yet accepted. And Rod Nichols will become the bullpen coach. Their will be no bench coach, a role that was filled by Jimmy Williams and Mackanin the past few years.

Henderson and Nichols worked in the Phillies minor league system last year.

This offseason is going to be fun.

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28 Responses

  1. No bench coach, that’s interesting. Although, a little refreshing considering these usaully don’t seem to do anything other then take over when the manager gets ejected (Although, in Manuels case peope say Jimy Williams played a big part in that dugout during 2008 World Series run). I wonder who will takeover when Manuel gets tossed? Dubee? Sandberg? I guess we’ll see.
    p.s. It’s JIMY Williams. Not sure why but it is. I’m not sure what he has against the other M.

  2. You know Sandberg is going to leave. He’s going to get a job. Please fire Manual and give him the job. You have to change the mentality of this team.

  3. I would have thought Ryne would be the new bench coach.
    Glad that Juan Samuel is no longer going to be sending dead duck runners home from 3rd. He’s an awful 3rd base coach, IMO.

  4. Hopefully Samuel will take the First Base job. He will be like Davy Lopes and send guys more aggressively. Looks like Amaro is going to be aggressive this winter, as he has in the past, and fix things. I have alot of Phaith that 2013 is going to be GOOD year. Should be a fun Winter also!

  5. Perlazzo was a deadbeat and He’s lucky he wasn’t fired years ago. Sandberg being a 3rd base coach makes no sense to me, if they were grooming him to be the next skipper he’d be bench coach. Gross is just a punching bag as all hitting coaches are (poor Milt Too), I wish him well. and Pete is going to move onto bigger things than bench coach imo. I guess Charlie is in his last season as the skipper of the Phills and his replacement will have to have input on the coaching staff. Speaking of input, Bring mommy her bottle.

  6. “No bench coach, that’s interesting. Although, a little refreshing considering these usaully don’t seem to do anything other then take over when the manager gets ejected”
    LOL WHAT ????
    Just another non-baseball watching Phillies fan
    Beez Nutz

  7. So, the Phillies have fired Pete Mackanin (along with two other coaches) and will not have a bench coach next year. I guess 2013 is the year that RAJ finally figures out whether Charlie can swim on his own while Ryne Sandberg familiarizes himself with the team from the 3rd base coaches box. Interesting move. With no bench coach, if Charlie gets run from a game, Sandberg manages the game from the 3rd base coaches box… just like they do in the minors. RAJ is bridging the gap, so to speak. Charlie gets one more year… World Series or bust.

  8. Mick Billmeyer is the “catching coach”? Did we have a “catching coach” before? Isn’t that a bit of an insult to Chooch to now have a “catching coach?”

  9. I would have groaned if we got the hitting coach of the Rays from 2010-2012, but this guy made Eva Longoria, and Carlos Pena into heavy hitters, so I guess it’s not so bad. I want Milt back though, the dude was a badass.

  10. OK Beez, please enlighten us oh wise one. What is the role and or significance of the bench coach?
    Aside from basically being the second in command to the actual manager, giving advice, and assisting with in game decisions they really aren’t that necessary. You could basically seek advice from any coach on your staff, you don’t need a “bench coach.” But I’m sure you being the almighty and wise Beez Nutz is probably the guy sitting there saying to his buddies, “yo, you know that the bench coach just made that call. What a great call by our bench coach. No, it wasn’t the manager man, I’m telling you, the bench coach makes that call bro.”

  11. @BigMikeySmallz Charlie has pretty much said he’s running out the contract and hanging it up (at least from a managing standpoint). So it’s was never Charlie gets one more year, world series or bust. Its just Charlie’s managing one more year, then probably getting some front office job and Dallas Greening it.

  12. Did I just read someone suggesting Dom Brown as the future leadoff hitter? He fucking sucks, get your head out of your ass.

  13. Sandberg will always be a Cub. Phillies are Cubs wannabes. After this year, I’d say you’re well on your way.

  14. can someone name me a 3rd base coach that doesnt get runners thrown out by 15 feet?

  15. Sandberg is gonna be hired by the Cubs and Manager and will have Bowa as his 3rd base on it genius

  16. Yo, Eskin’s Beard, if the Cubs were going to hire Sandberg, they would’ve done it after LAST season. Theo Epstein is no fool, clearly he saw something in Ryno that he didn’t like, or perhaps he didn’t want to be upstaged by the return of the Cubbies’ prodigal son, so he went in another direction. Hell, while we’re at it, there’s no guarantee Ryno will replace Uncle Charlie after NEXT season.

  17. I don’t get it, if Ryno is such a great manager candidate, how come he hasn’t gotten a chance yet?

  18. Charlie is a dumb stupid faggot. I hope he dies of heart failure tomorrow. Worst manager in phillies history. I hope Andy Sandburg replaces him because he’s the future. He has the record and credentials that Charlie never had and won’t fuck this team up so much like Charlie. This team makes me fuckin sick. You’re done Charlie! And Philly has had enough of you ya old sack of bones.

  19. I only read this site for the comments. the shit people say on here gives me endless entertainment.

  20. I wanna talk about the Phillies. I think what the Phillies need is right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching. Not only should they hit left handed pitching, they should hit left handed pitching for power, because we have left handed batters like Utley, Howard, Brown, Rollins, Galvis, etc that can’t hit left handed pitching, so I think we need right handed batters that can hit left handed pitching for power, we have none of those guys and Ruf is not the answer.

  21. I like these moves, but I’m a little frustrated by one thing:
    Sure, I like the guy, & he always sounds like he knows what he’s talking about on the pre, miced up, and post game interviews, but he leaves the pitchers in for too long.
    I never knew that falls on Charlie or Dubee? Anyone know?
    I know most of what the pitching coach does, but not 100% sure on who decides that, say Doc for example, is having a bad night & needs to be replaced. Instead, they leave him in there, we lose by 100 and I’m pissed. Piss poor pitching management is what it all boils down to.

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