Reminder: NHL 94 Tournament TONIGHT at Drinker’s

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Our lockout support group meets again at Drinker’s West (39th and Chestnut). We’ll have monthly meetings around hockey-themed entertainment. Tonight? NHL 94 tournament on Sega. 8 p.m. Enjoy $2 PBRs and delicious hot dogs and tacos.

All you have to do to enter is show up before 8 p.m. 

Last month's throwdown was won by Flyers announcer Tim Saunders kid. Don't let him repeat. For real, I suspect his liver won't be able to handle it:

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The tournament is brought to you by our friends at Play-N-Trade in Lansdale, where you can buy, rent, and trade from their collection of new and old video games. Check them out!

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2 Responses

  1. Any day other than Tuesday night and I’d smoke that guy. Granted nobody would like the team I would use (Chicago), but who the hell can deny Belfour, Roenick, Chelios and that INCREDIBLE goal song???

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