Report: Garrett Reid Died of Accidental Heroin Overdose

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And we knew this story wasn’t quite over.

Not to pile on Andy Reid in what is a tough week, but 6 ABC is reporting that investigators will announce at 2 p.m. today that Garrett Reid died of an accidental heroin overdose.

There’s not much more to it at this point, but I’m sure more details will come out this afternoon.


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  1. How does a person “accidently” overdose on Heroin? Walking down the steps and fell into a pile of needles?

  2. Jesus, let the kid rest in peace. As if knowing this is how he died REALLY matters to anyone accept his immediate family. AND, It’s accidental because he was trying to get high, not die. If he did 10 times what you’d need to kill yourself, then it’d be an obvious suicide. The kid had a problem, a lot of people suffer from addiction. You can’t judge a parent because his kid made some bad choices. Every Day, children of Good parents make mistakes. Every day, a good parent loses their child to drugs. Education for the youngs ones is mkore important than ever! Go Eagles! I’m sorry for your loss Andy.

  3. Never understand how someone ends up doing heroin for the first time. A needle in the arm that could kill you? Yes please?

  4. An overdose can occur after you’ve kicked the habit and your tolerance declines unbeknownst to the user. When the user hops back on the H-Train he will take the same hit as he used to, only to realize that his body can no longer handle that amount and the overdose in effect will kill the user.

  5. Wow bunch of noobs here
    Heroin can be taken via injected, smoked, via mouth etc. Heroin tolerance increases and so addicts will want more to get the same high. He accidentally overdosed by taking too much at one given time.

  6. LOL! Dying of an accidental heroin overdose is like accidentally being killed doing extreme cliff diving.

  7. Those of you making such uneducated comments must have never had anyone with addiction issues in your family. Stop being so judgmental & take a step back. I can’t believe anyone is being so judgemental. You all must have PERFECT children. I’ve never personally dealt with addiction but am a nurse and have met a lot of people from all walks in life that have been addicted to heroin. Guess what?! There is a fine line between you & them. I’ve met lawyers, doctors, nurses, cops, teachers, secretaries, home depot employees addicted to heroin. This doesn’t make them bad people or deserve to die! They need help… I went to high school with some of the Reid kids… Garrett was older then me… I can honestly say they are one of the nicest caring families I’ve ever met. You raise your children until they’re 18 with hopes they pick the right road in life but once they’re off to college it’s out of your hands. He wasn’t a junkie, he was struggling for many years with something that got the best of him. I hope he’s happy now & no longer in pain.

  8. Jerry Sandusky was prosecuted for accidentally touching little boys. Tomato tomatto. A real bro would of died of a swag overdose #southjerseyswag

  9. As a recovered addict, I know that I can’t ever go back because now that I am free of addiction, one dose now can either kill me or get me right back to square one. A lot of addicts don’t realize that once your body is free of it, even putting a little bit back in it can fatally fuck you up. May be the case here too.

  10. He died of a heroin overdose. The word “accidental” is not needed at all in this statement.
    @Kristy – I work in addictions and understand the terrible pain these people go through. It’s a damn shame because the disease does not discriminate, even in families as supportive and financially secure as Reid’s.
    RIP – hope he’s in a better place.
    Here’s hoping the Eagles can muster up some accidental wins moving forward.

  11. Just so everyone know, Accidental Overdose is a term used to usually describe someone who reintroduced himself to drugs. As an active addict uses, they build a tolerance, when they quit their tolerance diminutions. The problem occurs when the addict starts using again (like Garrett) they pick up where they left off in terms of dosage. The body’s tolerance is not built up for that level and ODs.
    For example, I’m a heavy drinker, I can drink 375 ml of 40 proof alcohol currently and be drunk, not obliterated (for the record I drink like this because I’m a Philly sports fan). If I were to quit drinking for 6 months, then drink 375ml of Maker Mark, bad things are going to happen (probably not death but a case of alcohol poising to be sure)

  12. BTW, I meant to say 375 ml of 80 proof alcohol. I drink whiskey, not some pussy-fussy schnapps.

  13. I bet alot of the Eagles knew he was on drugs and didn’t do a thing to help him. Smh.

  14. @Kristy – The thing is, you know how you avoid overdosing on Heroin? Don’t take it.
    Don’t give me that “what addicitions do to people” crap – we keep telling addicts that it’s “not their fault” so they all take zero responsibility for their actions. He was a junkie, he never had to start taking drugs – so how about that? Why exactly am i supposed to feel badly for this person? Call me cold, but i’ll give credit to those who chose NOT to take drugs.

  15. People that don’t understand the concept of an accidental overdose can’t be reasoned with. But I’ll try. He did an amount of heroin that he did not think would kill him. But it did. Accident. An intentional overdose – meaning suicide – would be doing an amount of heroin that he knew and hoped would kill him. Get it? Probably not.

  16. Hey guys! Gray and all the other armchair doctors at home commenting here finally found a solution to drug addiction! JUST DON’T TAKE IT!
    WOW! I’m so glad you’re here to tell us that professor, I’m sure all the drug addicts out there have never EVER thought of trying this, let alone doing it…Because they’re apparently all pieces of shit with no hearts, no families, and only want to feast on babies.
    Hey addicts! Make the wrong decision to shoot H, snort coke, drink heavily, smoke cigarettes or try anything else when you were an impressionable and/or vulnerable youth? Heres the cure! JUST STOP! ITS THAT EASY!
    Fucking stupid assholes.

  17. @Eagles22 – Thank you, I pride myself on things I should be ashamed of, like being an Eagles fan, or being able to drink 3/4 of a bottle of bourbon in a sitting.

  18. @gray – addiction is a disease. Science has proven this. No one has to start taking drugs. But the truth of the matter is people do…. & once they start if they have the disease it is not easy for them go stop. I know someone from a beautiful family with loving parents who is a recovering heroin addict. He is 4 years clean… To this day he struggles daily not to use…4 years later… Until you see someone facing this & not wanting to do the drugs but not able to give it up you won’t understand. Until then please for the sake of addicts & their families stop passing so much judgement. So cliche, but so true.. Until you walk in there shoes you just won’t understand..

  19. Accidental meaning he didn’t overdose on purpose or try and kill himself..Did you guys ever see Trainspotting?

  20. @Pete H – Yeah…it really IS that easy. If you are stupid enough to start taking a drug like Heroin when there is TONS of information out there telling you what it does and how easily it can kill you – then you deserve what you get. However, we have a society of people being told “Ooops…not your fault!” – it is their fault. Everyone is an “impressionable youth” at some point – not everyone is stupid enough to start taking drugs.
    And @Kristy…again…this person you know was not forced to take Heroin. Good for them that they are clean, but they are directly responsible for the position they put themselves in. Don’t want to be judged? Then don’t define your life by drug use.

  21. Ahhhhh. I never comment on articles like this because people are so friggin’ dumb. People don’t start out taking drugs on heroin. Many times it’s Percocet…. When they start taking that & feeling good they can no longer get “high enough” from it they go to OxyContin. That works but is very expensive. Already addicted to drugs they then go to heroin because it’s cheap. & if you knew anything about drug users you would know that it’s not easy & you can’t just stop. Please please please stop being so ignorant & passing judgement on people you don’t know. The problem starts with you.

  22. So…the problem starts with me because I judge drug users…but it doesn’t start with the problem being the user themselves?
    Got it – just wanted to be clear as to the massive drug problem in this country.

  23. Gray…A) First off, yes its stupid to start taking drugs, and those people should be held accountable for their own actions. But your dismissal of the psycho/social reasons and the environment surrounding ones reasons for starting is barbaric. Yes its dumb to start, but people have legitimate reasons that they start, things that they escape from. You’re just acting like everyone who ever tried drugs, or even cigarettes/alchohol/gambling for that matter, is a stupid asshole who is trying to kill themselves.
    But you honestly think that somoene who is addicted can just quit? You honestly think people like Reid, who fought for years to get clean, WERENT holding themselves accountable? If its that easy, THEN WHY ARE THERE MILLIONS OF ADDICTS THAT STRUGGLE/DIE EVERY DAY WITH THEIR ADDICTIONS!?? If thats the case then why are we even having this discussion? Why is there a drug war? Why are drugs even illegal if its just that easy. Youre turning the word addiction into a meaningless fucking term.
    Shit, the average person has problems not biting their nails or cracking their knuckles or things like that, but somehow you expect people with years of addiction to just quit, as if they’re just doing it for shits and giggles at that point? What are we all missing that you arent? What unprecedented self-psychological hurdle have you leaped that we all seem to have missed?

  24. @Gray. addiction is a disease, ignorance is a choice. What’s your excuse for being ignorant asshole? You never took a drink or smoked a joint because of peer pressure? of course you did…the difference between you and an addict is the addict can’t stop. The addicts brain is wired differently. Count your self lucky and shut the fuck up. Hopefully your kids will turn out ok.

  25. dealing with an addiction is a fucked up situation not only for the person but for the family and friends. sad situation

  26. How many people are going to say, “what did he trip and fall into the needle?”. Christ, read the other comments before you post your own comment and realize how unoriginal and lame you are.

  27. I would also like to point out that Candy is in rare form today. Perfect article for you to troll Candy and you certainly aren’t disapointing us.

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