UPDATE: Jakub Voracek Suffered a Knee Ligament Injury Playing Overseas

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UPDATE: Puck Daddy’s Dmitry Chesnokov reports that Voracek will miss a month with a knee ligament injury.

Oh hey, this is fun.

The worst fear that comes from hockey players heading overseas is that they sustain serious injury or injuries while over there. As of yet, no major players have gotten hurt. But yesterday, Tim Panaccio reported that Jakub Voracek suffered a “badly-sprained knee” while playing in the KHL. Voracek’s agent, Petr Svoboda, told Panaccio that he expects his client to only miss one week.

Voracek’s team reports otherwise. I think. Here’s the translation from their website:

Two injured in hit now making assembly coaches Leo. In the match with a knee injured St. Petersburg James Voráček on Sunday workout then accidentally hit the barrier arm Alexandre Picard. The former will miss about four weeks, the second tomorrow then subjected to a thorough examination, after which time it will become clear absence.


Panaccio writes that Paul Holmgren and the Flyers know little about the injury or what’s going on with their players in general: [CSN Philly]

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren was attempting to get information on Sunday as to the severity of the injury.
Most, if not all, within the Flyers were unaware the young winger had been injured, which is not unusual given it happened overseas during the weekend, plus the time difference.


It’s unclear if teams have any rights to address injuries for players they have under contract during this lockout. Thankfully, though, it sounds like Voracek won’t be out long enough for it to really matter for the Flyers. And while he’s a good player – who the Flyers just extended – he’s not quite a big enough name for his injury to really get the attention of the league. Now, say Claude Giroux sustained a similar injury… well, then some people would notice.

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