Report: Michael Vick Will be Cut if Eagles Don’t Make Playoffs

Here’s something that isn’t exactly surprising, but further confirms what most of us already assumed about Michael Vick’s future with the Eagles.

Adam Schefter reports that if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs, Vick will likely be cut after the season:

Unless Michael Vick leads Eagles to the playoffs, league sources believe that this will be the quarterback’s last season in Philadelphia.

If Vick is on the Eagles roster Feb. 6, 2013, three days after this season’s Super Bowl, $3 million of his nearly $16 million salary becomes fully guaranteed. But if the Eagles opt to release Vick before Feb. 6, 2013, they will not have any financial obligation to him and his contract will come off their salary cap without any charge.


This makes sense. Anyone who has even remotely paid attention to the Eagles knows that both Vick and Andy Reid are on a bit of a hot seat this season. Schefter’s report also demonstrates how deceiving Vick’s “$100 million” contract was. It was really only an $80 million deal, and of that only around $40 million was guaranteed. And, as you can see, the Eagles can part ways with Vick after this season with no financial or cap penalty.

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10 Responses

  1. How about Vick should be cut if they don’t win the SB? Making the playoffs needs to stop being the benchmark for this team. And if they miss the playoffs, Reid should be the first to go. Then Vick will follow his boy.

  2. And in other news, the sun will set in the west tonight. Everyone already knew Vick would get the ax if the Birds come up short and don’t make the playoffs.

  3. o.k. I do not love M. Vick. He is a good player and deserves some crticism for plays but damn it people when will the ‘Andy” lovers get a grip and realise he stinks, can’t call plays and I refuse to ever listen to one of his stupid news conferences ever again. all he can say is we will get that worked out ever so sftly, kick his ass out hard and get a real defensive coach while we are at it. and to add to it how about the damn offensive line give Vick some protection so he has a chance to make plays. He scrambles because he has too EVERY SINGLE DAMN PLAY, they cannot give him protection. so live with it until major changes are made and Jeffrey wakes the hell up.

  4. We have the worst offensive line in football so it won’t matter who we put behind center. Oh and our defensive line scares no one. Vick? Please, we have soooo many things to worry about besides him. I miss Hockey….

  5. Here’s what you do next. Get a new O-line. If he’s getting hit in the pkcoet it’s not his fault. If he ran all the time he’d be out of the league by week 9 this season. You wouldn’t get much in a trade for him because he demands too much money so teams without a QB now wouldn’t pay for him anyway. He is ten times better than Kafka. The concussion was a freak happening with the way he fell just right on his own guy and then not to mention he got hit thanks to that wonderful O=-line your’e putting out on the field down there in Philly.

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