Reports: Vick and Mornhinweg Survive Andy’s Evaluation

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Reports last night from Eagles beat writers Jeff McLane and Reuben Frank say, not too surprisingly, that Michael Vick and Marty Mornhinweg, will remain in their roles for the Eagles’ next game against the Falcons:

First, McLane: []

The changes Andy Reid said that were coming after he fired Juan Castillo won't involve the quarterback or the offensive coordinator.

Michael Vick will remain the starting quarterback when the 3-3 Eagles face the 6-0 Falcons on Oct. 28 and Marty Mornhinweg will still call the offensive plays, team sources said Thursday.


Now Frank: [CSN Philly]

Michael Vick will remain the Eagles’ starting quarterback, and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will remain the offensive play caller when the Eagles return from their bye week, a team source familiar with head coach Andy Reid’s thinking said Thursday.


Man, someone over at the NovaCare Complex has a leaky mouth. 

Neither of those things come as a surprise. I don’t think Vick has been bad enough to warrant being benched in favor of a rookie against the 6-0 Falcons. 

However, Mornhinweg’s very existence perplexes me. We keep being spoon fed this crap about what a brilliant offensive mind he is, yet nowhere in his track record is there substantial evidence to support that claim. He was offensive coordinator for the 49ers from 1997-2000, and while he did have some success his first two years there, the team missed the playoffs in 1999 and 2000. At one point in 1999, Mornhinweg’s offensive had a four-game streak of not topping seven points– six, six, seven, three.

As head coach of the Lions in 2001 and 2002, his team went 5-27.

And I think we can all see the inconsistencies that have plagued the Eagles offensive since Mornhinweg took over in 2006.

So why, exactly, does he still have a job?


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  1. This is great news IMHO. If Reid had taken over the playcalling duties with Foles at QB, who at the very least is a ? at the position, there would be a possibility that they might start winning more games. But with Marty & Vick remaining we are guaranteed more of the same mediocre bullshit, thus making them 8-8 & enabling them to shitcan Reid & Vick right outta town with no muss, no fuss at the end of the year.
    I applaude your decision making Andy. See in the San Diego next year.

  2. The eagles will turn this around. I’m sticking with them like Garrett sticking needles

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  4. Is it me or is Marty actually starting to look like Big Red without the stache?
    Two weeks until the Geno Smith bandwagon cranks up its engines. Get on board.

  5. It’s an old picture Wayne the Train, I think last year was the 50th anniversary or two years ago I’m not 100% sure.

  6. Trade Nick Foles and afirst round pick for the first pick in this years draft and get matt barkley.

  7. because as Andy and Marty are one in the same. You think Andy isn’t signing off on what Marty is doing?
    Andy IS our offensive coordinator. Marty is just a pointman carrying out what Reid wants done on the offense.
    If Andy fires Marty, he’s admitting his (Andy’s) offensive designs aren’t working. Andy will run the same exact offense because… see above.
    We all know nothing changes until Reid is gone. It’s time to hit the reset button.

  8. Vick has been bad enough to be benched. However, I hope he doesn’t because I don’t think a rookie behind that line will succeed. He probably wouldn’t do worse than Vick, but he probably wouldn’t do much better either.
    Letting Vick play out the stretch will cemement his failure as a starting QB and hopefully put the nail in the coffin of his career. February 6th and the release of that egomaniacal, delusional, sociopath can’t come soon enough…and then Reid follows him out of town for even putting Vick in that position in the first place.

  9. @Steve @ Best Buy
    are you joking, you want a USC QB? Look at the names and their track record:
    Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Sean Salisbury, Rodney Peete, Pat Haden, Matt Cassel, Bill Nelsen, Pete Beathard, Vince Evans, Paul McDonald, Todd Marinovich, Rob Johnson AND John David Booty.
    Good lord. The only one of merit was Carson Palmer for a few years. And Rodney Peete for locking down Holly Robinson and somehow keeping her.
    I’ll take my chances with Foles and hold onto that 1st round pick.

  10. For those of you rooting for the Eagles to lose and such: I don’t know how you can call yourselves true fans. True fans stick by their team and root for W’s not matter what the situation. Go root for the Cowboys if you wanna be a fair weather fan.
    Even if it means another year of Andy.

  11. Anyone actually read the articles on cb?? I just go right to the ridiculous comments & lol in work

  12. No surprise there. Reid wasn’t about to dump Mornhinweg because he catches all the flack for the consistently shitty playcalling, without Marty around, suddenly, everyone would see that emperor Andy has no clothes. Meanwhile, I’m all for keeping Vick as the starter, benching him in favor of Foles would be a horrible mistake, given how incredibly wretched the offensive line is at present. The poor kid would be broken and maimed inside of a month, if not sooner. Reid should thank his lucky stars Juan Castillo chose to go the good soldier route and not blast the fat bastard from stem to stern for being scapegoated.

  13. Lurie is at fault here, no one else, he has consistently put the wrong people in the wrong positions since he bought the team, with the exception of Andy Reid. He guessed right on that one. He nickeled and dimed for years behind Joe Banner and tied Reid’s hands. He has never once stepped up and taken complete blame for this team’s failures over the years. The eagles are a cash cow for the guy he could care less about winning. All he cares about is putting a bunch of dopes out front to take the heat. He loves when Reid says my fault we gotta be better. NO ONE ELSE SEES THIS?!?!

  14. I can see babin taking his slut for a new ankle tat or a retouch on her lower back one this Sunday

  15. The evals are a joke because….the problem starts with the big dude doing the evaluating. Fire Andy

  16. Of course reid won’t start Foles this early in the season…In order to keep his job, Reid only wants/needs Jeffery to see a small glimse of Foles. A very late season start or 2 in what could be a low pressure situation would give andy all the ammo he would need to try and keep is job in order to groom Foles.

  17. Kyle I normally agree with you but “I don’t think Vick has been bad enough to warrant being benched in favor of a rookie against the 6-0 Falcons.”
    Holy shit man, he’s on pace for 30+ turnovers in a single season, we have the second lowest points per game, quarterback rating in the crapper. What more does he have to do to be benched in your opinion?

  18. Marty Mornhinweg has never accomplished anything in the NFL. I think Andy is keeping him around because he knows he will never find another job……Andy needs to take over play calling again. Marty might be the worst Offensive Cordinator in the NFL. O Line sucks, but he still has the WRs go deep in these routes that take 4 seconds to run. While Vick needs to get the ball out in 3 seconds. No check down options. Its all or nothing with this offense. And its been nothing so far……

  19. T-Bone: How about screwing Tammy Reid like a South Broad Street hooker? That might get the job done. But seriously, you really want to throw a green as grass rookie who hasn’t taken snap one in an NFL game that matters into the deep end of the pool against the 6-0 Falcons, AND behind a shitty offensive line that can’t protect a goddamn thing right now? That, my friend, would be cruel and unusual punishment, maybe even torture. I say, let’s sacrifice Vick until there’s nothing left (he’s gone after the season ends anyway), then let Foles get his feet wet.

  20. Love the comment by Pat telling me to go be a Cowboys fan since I choose to root against the Reid Regime of Retardation. Reminds me of the small town mayor in Red Dawn who winds up betraying Swayze and his American revolutionaries.

  21. Hopefully because Lurie is finally going to clean house and didn’t want to fire Juan twice in one season.

  22. Hopefully because Lurie is finally going to clean house and didn’t want to fire Juan twice in one season.

  23. @ boom:
    Barkley’s stats rivaled those of Andrew Luck a year ago… you’re an idiot for not wanting Barkley, everyone wants Barkley

  24. @ boom:
    Barkley’s stats rivaled those of Andrew Luck a year ago… you’re an idiot for not wanting Barkley, everyone wants Barkley

  25. Marty Mornhinweg is one of the greatest minds in the history of football. I’d stake my reputation as a talent evaluator on that fact!

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