Signs of a Lockout: This Looks Like Scott Hartnell and Peter Luukko Tailgating Before the Eagles Game

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After posting this pic in the Monday Afternoon Roundup, I noticed that the person talking to Scott Hartnell looked familiar. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be Peter Luukko, Comcast Spectacor COO. 

As best as I understand it, teams and players are allowed to have contact during the lockout, but not in any sort of official or business capacity. And judging by the beverage in Luukko’s hand and Hartnell’s 90-degree elbow bend, it seems that this was nothing more than casual conversation, which I'm sure touched on the current work stoppage completely avoided the current labor dispute.

Hartnell, of course, has nothing to be worried about. The Flyers signed him to a six-year extension before the lockout.

Reader Christian, who took the picture, also said that Kimmo Timonen and “Hatcher” were there. But that’s hard to tell from the picture.

UPDATE: Hartnell also rode the bull at PBR:

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 1.50.39 PM
pic via reader Scott

And of course, if you have video, we'd love to see it.


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  1. Does the guy between them have an actual wine glass in his hand? No wonder we freaking lost to Detroit!

  2. No, he’s not an attention whore. Here’s a pro athlete, just going out and being a regular dude. Interacting w/ fans….and you squawk? Maybe if he just went out and told everybody to leave him alone you’d be happy

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