Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Calls Brandon Boykins… a Snickers Bar

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What happened to trash talk in the NFL? I didn’t play in the league in the late 1980s (or ever), but I’d imagine that shots about weight, imagined sexual preference, penis size, and mothers were the norm. Not anymore, apparently.

Last week, LeSean McCoy continued his lame feud with Osi Umenyirorionsbelt by calling the Giants lineman a ballerina. That was after Umenyukontrail called McCoy Lady Gaga and a Chihuahua. 

Today, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown picked on the little kid in the playground, Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykins, in a similarly silly manner: [Observer-Reporter]

The Steelers (1-2) will be looking for a more advantageous matchup when they host the Eagles ( 3 1) Sunday, namely, whoever is matched up with Philadelphia’s third corner, rookie Brandon Boykin, a fourth-round pick out of Georgia.

“That’s the candy bar,” said Steelers Pro Bowl receiver Antonio Brown with a sly smile.

Snickers or Milky Way?

“Snickers,” he replied


Lame. But if I’m Boykins, I accept the challenge with: Hungry? Why wait? Actually, I demand that Boykins responds that way. Though I suspect it will be with something equally as weak.

via Eagles 24/7


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    Bad spot for the birds & pitt coming off a bye with a 1-2 record

  2. Tom the Tie – All tha marbles are thinking the same thing…therefore STAY AWAY from that game

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  4. i’m a huge fan of harry mayes, but having the “GODFATHER” on is a huge mistake this dude is such a clown. who says “1,000 star locks” anymore take that shit back to the 80s with your pump up comb back. my lock is betting the oppo, you clown. crawl back in your hole troll.

  5. Somebody please buck up the 40 beans and make his Latin Casino-esque 1,000 star lock public, just so we can abuse this asswipe over the next few weeks. Hope it’s as ‘lock’ as the Eagles-Cards game he lost.

  6. It’s a disgrace how much the godfather chargers for picks & packages. That greedy F charges $350 for a month of his picks

  7. Not sure what Antonio Brown meant but I guess its possible that calling him a candy bar is the same as calling him “sweet”, basically calling him weak.

  8. Fuck 97.5,they claim to be the #1 sports station in Philly but half the time their station is non local,with that nationally syndicated crap.

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