The Nationals Punched Their Fans in the Dick This Morning by Sending Out This Email for World Series Tickets

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Sometimes emails go out when they’re not supposed to. Perhaps a co-worker inadvertently copies the entire office on a picture of a LOLCat. Or perhaps a business pushes out an email for a sale that’s already expired. I worked in online marketing for a few years and more than once was responsible that latter gaff. Few people noticed. Or cared.

But this morning, the Washington Nationals may have just set the high-water mark for bonerific emails. Not more than seven hours after their team polished off one of the most historic Postseason collapses in the history of anything anywhere, the Nats trolled hard on their season-ticket holders (all 12 of them) by notifying them through email of an exclusive pre-sale for World Series tickets:

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 via Nats Enquirer


I despise the Nationals and everything about their organization. They had a legitimate shot to win the World Series and benched their world-class pitcher for tenuous reasons. In their three NLDS losses, they gave up 29 runs (12, 8, 9). Surely, had Strasburg pitched in one (or two) of those games, the outcome may have been much different and this email could have meant something. It doesn’t, and I actually feel somewhat bad for the dozen people who received it. They don’t deserve that sort of cruelty today. So maybe the Nats would have been better off sending out one of those cat emails:

Maybe not.


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  1. Those one time use passwords are usually transferable. Can’t see the Nats turning down ticket purchases because it wasn’t your password.

  2. I feel bad for all those nats fans who went out and bought all the jerseys, shirts and hats in the last week. You could still see the fold creases when they panned the crowd!! You know for sure they didn’t know who the nationals were a month ago. All year long they didn’t sell out but out of no where 45k fans show up.

  3. I have absolutely no sympathy for their fans whatsover I mean if the should was on the other foot the Nats fans would go out of their way to rub it in so screw them and their pathetic team.

  4. No big. This shit happens all the time. Kind of like when the Inquirer ran the ad congratulating the Phillies on being back to back champs and selling World Series champion gear.

  5. I love those silly cats, so hairy and manly like my bf’s back. And James, would you like to meet in the back seat of my jeep? If you know what I mean…..

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