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What a terrible Spring Training schedule.

Last year (and most previous years) games began in very late February or early March. Not this year. Thanks to the extra Wild Card game and the need to start the season a few days earlier the World Baseball Classic, the Phillies will kick their Spring Training schedule off on February 23, against Houston, meaning that the first two weeks will make for horrible trip options. To make matters worse, the Phillies will only be home two of five Saturdays and there is not one weekend with back-to-back home games (and that includes Fridays!). Although, the Yankees game on March 16 is in Tampa and there may be a split-squad game at home, too.

This year, the Phillies were home four out of five Saturdays in March. And three out of four in 2011.

The team also announced that pitchers and catcher will report on February 12. The full squad on February 15. And Chase Utley on or around June 15.