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There are few things in sports (life?) easier than picking the winner of a two-person or team contest. Your answer has 100% chance of making sense and the pick is 50-50. You literally can’t screw that up. Raise your hand if you wrote-in yes (or jeah!) on a true-false question on your SATs. No one? Good. Because it would take a real idiot to do something like that.

Or Ryan Lochte.

King douchebag, whose 15 minutes are entering their 20th hour, was a guest on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday and was asked to pick the winner of the LSU-Texas A&M game. Lochte’s choice? Auburn, baby!

Video after the jump.

H/T to the dozen or so people who instinctively and endearingly thought of me upon the sight of the douchebag, video via The Big Lead

You know? Part of me thinks this was intentional