Troy Aikman Ripping Cowboys Fans Makes Me Damp a Little

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I never hated Troy Aikman. Sure, he was a Cowboy and with that came the required-by-Port-Richmond-law to disdain him. And, on Sunday, he was overly fascinated with Andy Reid’s decision(s) to go for it on fourth down and jumped to the conclusion that Reid might do so every fourth down, forever and always. That was annoying. But Aikman more than made up for it with what he said yesterday.

Speaking to KTCK in Dallas, Aikman took a swing at Cowboys fans. Yeah, Cowboys fans: []

"I've always said Dallas isn't so much a sports town as it is a winner's town," Aikman told KTCK-AM, via The Dallas Morning News."And that's not that unique. Most towns are like that. There are very few towns like Chicago where you can go out there and go 4-12 and they're (still) selling out stadiums. That's pretty unique. But Dallas, they pull for their winners."

"I don't think Dallas has ever really had a great home-field advantage," he said. "… I think for a large part — and the fans don't want to hear this — a lot of the people that attend sports in this town, they're there because it's kind of just a place to be seen. I didn't know anybody who went to Rangers games, and then when they started winning and going to World Series, everybody's wearing Rangers hats and saying, 'Oh yeah, I'm a big Rangers fan.' "



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That’s awesome. One of their own, basically calling them bandwagon fans.

I’m not sure our disdain for sports fans from Dallas has ever neared the level we have toward those from, say, New York or Boston, or just the general population of Pittsburgh. It’s a regional thing, that hate. Mostly, the Cowboys abhorrence is two-fold: we hate the team and everything it stands for, and the local people who, because they had lousy parents, root for them. But still, hearing Aikman criticize those who cheer for America’s Team? Well, that gets me a little misty. Welcome to our club, Troy.

H/T to the person who sent this to me. I forget who.


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  1. The thing is though, we’re the same way in some ways. We don’t come close to selling out for perennially bad teams either. And I’m fine with that. I have no desire to spend my time and money to see a bad team in an empty arena. But we’re not Chicago.

  2. Aikman’s wife is from Philly. So I’m sure she tells him what real fans are like. I always liked Aikman even though I love my EAGLES!

  3. Tom… Aikman is divorced. He rumored to now be dating Erin Andrews. And I don’t think his ex-wife was from Philly. I believe he met her at UCLA. If you can prove otherwise, I’m more than happy to listen but I distinctly remember hearing that Aikman and his ex-wife were “college sweethearts.”

  4. Not true Brad. While the 76ers did not sell out, that had more to do with a lacking ownership group than with the fans. The Eagles have pretty much sold out since the 70s. The Flyers have been very close to the top of percentage attendance for years. And while the Phillies did not sell out, with the exception of 1997-2003 when they were a joke, they have been a top 10 team in attendance.

  5. if though aikman threw for miles on and emmitt smith ran for miles on us, i had nowhere near the hatred for them than i did for assclowns like irvin, erik williams, leon lett, etc. aikman always carried himself with class. im sure he will take tremendous heat in dallas for having said what he said, but is is the truth about dallas fans. they are cockroaches. they dive under the fridge after losses and they scamper out from under the fridge after wins. while they have 3 super bowls to boast about in the early 90’s, they have one only 1 playoff game since 1997. talk about an irrelevant organization. yet, the national media still bestows upon them the title of “america’s team!” ugh!

  6. Tom, I believe you’re thinking of Daryl Johnston with the wife from Philly thing.
    Agree with Andy, the only problem I ever had with Aikman and Emmitt Smith was the team that they played for. Whenenver the Cowboys get hot, I imagine all these folks dusting off their Starter jackets from 1993 and strutting around. Then the second they start losing again, it’s “yeah but we won five Super Bowls.”

  7. Aikman gained my respect when Jerome Brown, Reggie White and the rest of Gang Green sacked him something like 15 times in a game at the Vet his rookie season…and the guy just kept getting up and firing bullets.
    Class act, and tough as nails.

  8. I’d like to rip troy aikmen a new one with my tiny thang-a-lang, if you know what i mean… What a man-dime.

  9. Aikman just described Philly. The only Phillies bumper stickers you saw between 95-05 were leftovers from ’93, then we win in ’08 and it’s the hottest ticket in town until they start to slurp shit again this season.
    Also, Aikman and Emmitt were Cowboys, but they were not flagrant crack-smoking, gold suit in court wearing pieces of shit like most of their teammates. They were class acts.

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