UniDiction 2012 – Week 5 – Eagles vs. Steelers

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With October comes a month-long explosion of pink on NFL fields. If you weren't "aware" of breast cancer before Sunday, you're in for a treat. Not to worry, neon pink goes with every other color used in the NFL. Oh, wait.



Through week 4, it's still been relatively slow in terms of uniform news, though the Falcons did break-out their 60s throwbacks, which are a marked improvement upon their normal set. Also, the Jaguars wore their teal jerseys for the last time this season as black has become their primary "color" jersey for 2012 and, presumably, on-going.



This week, we see the Eagles play the Steelers, a team who's more-or-less worn one of the all-time classic NFL uniforms since 1963 (though with a few Batman-esque hiccups along the way). Some trivia shows up in their uniform history, specifically the white pants with the current uniform in 1970 and '71. Eagles Gameday is showing the Eagles in white, so expect to see the green pants. This makes for the Eagles worst combo, with dark green pants which look nothing other than just "dark" in all but the brightest sunlight. Dislike of Pittsburgh the city aside, the Steelers have a really nice uniform: good colors, understandable use of black, stripes in just the right proportions, and even some unique details. Sorry Eagles fans, but this is a pretty clear Steelers win.

Also, let me provide a shameless plug for my review of the AWFUL throwbacks the Steelers will be wearing in Weeks 8 and 11. Warning: Week 11 nationally televised  Sunday night game. Don't be shy about contacting the FCC about the vulgarity displayed on you television.

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  1. personally i think the throwbacks for this year are fucking sick. i think theyre so ballsy. people form their opinions on the initial reaction of my god those are shocking. think about why – they arent like anything we ever see. which is why theyre awesome. they have a distinct old school look and at the same time are completely unique. i hope those alternates are here to stay. and NO I AM NOT A YINZER FAN IN THE SLIGHTEST

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