UniDiction 2012 – Week 6 – Lions vs. Eagles

Had enough pink yet? Only two weeks after this Sunday until we run the risk of forgetting about breast cancer without the NFL's campaign to remind us. If you can believe it, the percentage of proceeds devoted to "curing breast cancer" is even less than you might've expected (warning: link goes to Jezebel).




Week 5 seemed to have little going on uniform-wise, but it actually saw two uniform premieres. The Jaguars now-primary black jersey was worn for the first time (and without the black pants the team promised/threatened), and the Seahawks combined their navy jersey with grey pants for the first time in their current uniform set. (we've seen it previously with both white pants and navy pants). The Jaguars combo is…fine in terms that there are worse modern uniform designs, but why have teal in the color scheme, if they're just going to wear black helmets, jerseys, and socks. Second warning of the article: the Seahawks have three jerseys and three pairs of pants, and they're not afraid to mix and match. Trivia: how many combinations does that make for an entire season? Nine? Nope. It's a trick question. They can only wear the alternate (grey) jersey twice per NFL rules, so we'll only see up to eight combos. The Seahawks uniforms seem to grow on me each week (assuming they're not in monochrome navy blue), so I'll call this new combo successful.



Seahawks combos as of Week 6

 The Eagles play the Lions at home this week; Gameday shows green jerseys, so we've got green over white vs. the Lions white combo. For reference, the Eagles played the Lions last in 2010 as the visitors, and I did a UniDiction for that one, too. Warning (3rd one!): you'll see some uniform flip-flopping between that article and this one. The Lions have a pretty consistent uniform set through history; even though it's been updated a few times, it's still "Honolulu Blue," white, silver/grey, and black (though black was added in the early 2000s). As I said in 2010, the Lions uniform is exactly the sum of its parts: good, not great, with nothing particularly offensive anywhere. Look for an Eagles (uniform) win in an all-around good-looking game this week (minus the pink crap everywhere). Lots, lots more after the jump.




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  1. I don’t think that there’s a chance. Seattle has looekd very pitiful this season (a very unusual and miserable 2-9), and I don’t think they can beat the Cowboys now that Romo’s back. I live near Detroit and there’s a lot of local fans who think that the upset can happen. I’m not a Lions fan (I’m actually a Rams fan), and regardless of that, I don’t think that it can be done. Detroit has looekd about as bad as a team can look this season. I expect it to be no different today.SEA-DAL prediction: Dallas, 35-13TEN-DET prediction: Tennessee, 31-10

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