Video: Jason Sudeikis Plays Jerry Sandusky on SNL

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Jason Sudeikis, who performed his usual outstanding Joe Biden impersonation in the cold open of last night’s Saturday Night Live, played Jerry Sandusky in this spoof of the Gillette Masters of Style commercial. It’s completely random, and somewhat simplistic, but when watched live the comedic timing was perfect.

Watch the video after the jump (bonus video of the debate spoof and Tech Talk included).


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  1. A skit about a child rapist? Sorry that kind of crosses the line. There is nothing funny about Jerry Sandusky and the horror he put children through.

  2. Did anyone know who the celebs where?
    When the people doing the impressions are more famous than who they are “doing”…

  3. Jason Sudeikis should have his little tiny dick severed for this skit. It’s as tasteless as that Gordons Vodka I was chugging last night. No fuck that, it’s worse! Off with his dick!

  4. shut up and unclench, snl isn’t making fun of the child victims, they’re making fun of the sick pedophile. ppl are so sensitive. sandusky is all over the news every day, i’m sure the victims would feel better seeing him get made fun of

  5. I agree, I mean hearing semnooe babble on about the wonder that is transformers 2 has gotten very, very old very fast. Then to hear people talk about what a wonderful actor Megan Fox is, it just makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Another thing that annoys me about the current generation of movie goers (Aka my friends) is the fact that they are enthralled by their cheap, over-acted movies, and i have to listen to orations on the wonder that is Year One, but I mention that I finally sa A Streetcar Named Desire, and even more than a blank look I am very quickly quieted when i began my description and told that it sounds incredibly boring, and I just cant watch old black and white movies. However, as much as the current obsession with looks in hollywood and no care for actual talent, I think that like you said above it shouldn’t be forgotten. That women didn’t just like Brando becoming Stanley Kowalski, women didn’t like Robert DeNiro for his portrayal of Travis Bickle, and Paul Newman wasn’t hailed solely for a wonderful Butch Cassidy, just as Ava Gardner was among other things simply stunning, just like Vivien Leigh was more than Scarlet or Blanche, a beautiful southern belle. I guess that’s why more than delving into the future in indie movies, I tend to tunnel more through the past into the golden age of movies, when everyone wasn’t only beautiful, but they could act too and in some cases even sing and dance.

  6. that is an awesome, if only I had a partner to give it to on valentines day or if only my ex hadn’t thrown out that horrible GIANT cock I had to review for another site, I could do it for a gag gift for a friend.Haha great idea.

  7. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. People confusing comedy with reality . What we can’t make fun of hitler now to. How about we worry about the fact that the United States business is war and we are governed by greedy serial killers.

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