Was Bryce Harper a Douchebag Today?

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 2.00.57 PMPhoto: MLB

Well, perhaps not.

Brycecakes is wearing red contacts today, allegedly because they help to reduce glare from the sun monster in Washington. That's something that Jayson Werth has complained about previously. So, thats the official stance. The unofficial stance – mine – is that the Nationals handed out red rally towels today as part of some sort of red out and Harper is trying yet another unnecessary gimmick under the guise of keeping the sun out of his eyes. You decide.

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  1. The Cardinals team name is the color red and their uniforms are red. How affected by a red out will they be? #makesnosense

  2. Your obsession is becoming unhealthy..when you are ready to come out of the closest..call me!

  3. He always is regardless of the day. Well, I guess the Phils Phans will have to bring their Visine signs to the outfield when we go to our other park – to help Baby Boy with those red eyes.

  4. Who gives a fuck they are losing 8-0 right now. Good thing they have Strasburg going tomorrow… oh wait.

  5. Enough, Kyle! Even I’ve had enough of your Bryce Harper Haterade Tour. And with the gNats currently getting bitch-slapped to the tune of 8-0, he no longer matters.

  6. You’re just mad the 19 year old kid is getting more ass then you and that his team is in the playoffs and ours isn’t. Facts are facts.
    PS. Not in this blog, but stop stealing shit from Barstool.

  7. I guess those red contacts didn’t help him see the ball any better today. 0-5 and a .067 BA in the playoffs.

  8. It’s good to see it worked well for that idiot. What was the final score? 8-0? Hopefully he’ll use them tomorrow too.

  9. batting .69 so far in the playoffs…
    dude is so overrated at the plate…. he is linsanity at its finest.

  10. Ryan Howard would be batting .069 with 54 strikeouts if we were in the playoffs so i disapprove of your argument

  11. only thing is were stupid enough to pay him 25 million. Did Joe blanton make 7.5 million more than Harper this year? Clown question bro.

  12. As much as I grumble half-baked negativity about your blog to nobody in particular, I have to say the “Was Bryce Harper a Douchebag Today?” segment is quite delightful, Kyle.

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