Watch All of the Brian Dawkins Ceremonies

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 8.23.21 AMPic via our friend (@TheSeanDon)

Because the Eagles stubbornly refuse to make a majority of their videos embeddable, and because they specifically block this website from embedding those that are able to be shared, here’s a roundup of the Brian Dawkins ceremonies. Video idiocy aside, this is the best fan relations sort of thing the Eagles have ever done under Jeffrey Lurie. Phillies like, if you will.

Watch the videos after the jump.

His pre-game introduction.

From NBC:


From the stands:


His halftime jersey retirement ceremony:


The halftime tribute and Dawkins' speech to the fans (this is the best one):

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16 Responses

  1. Watching highlights of B-Dawk, he was just one of the best safeties out there. He just made receivers scared, and would make them think twice about catching a ball in the open field.
    And he embraced this city just as much as we embraced him.
    AND he was a great person off the field.
    One of a kind, kind of guy. I wish we could make him 25 years old again and have him play here forever.

  2. The way everyone has been celebrating his career and praising him, almost feels like he’s dead. I mean it’s great and all, but the whole thing just feels a bit strange.

  3. Love that guy.
    Alge Crumpler might as well have been invited to the stadium, he was shown on the screen about 40 times.

  4. seriously though cowboy dave, what cowboy has showed up in big games throughout Dawkins entire career 1996-2011….
    Just Saying & cowboys blow

  5. Never showed up in big games? Did he get burned in the 2004 NFC Champ game? Did he get smoked in the 4th and 26 game? Idk..maybe our QB was the one who didn’t show up Cowboy Dave. Go back to your weak, sad team. Go get you some gloryhole you pathetic waste.

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