Which One of You Drunk Bastards Drew a Nats Fan Fellating the Phanatic?

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 1.15.42 PMPic via reader Dan

I don’t know many things. 

I know that the Eagles are 3-1. I know that Chris Collinsworth has incredibly narrow shoulders. And I know that DiNics changing bread providers is something that frightens me deep within my core.

But what I don’t know is who enhanced this drawing of a drunk Phanatic at Bullies Pub in Xfinity Live! this weekend with the outline of a Nats fan giving him a blow job (I’m assuming someone added this and that it wasn’t the original creation).

Of course, I’m 12 and think this is hilarious. But why, exactly, is the Phanatic’s dangle orange? I’d assume it would have to be green, no? Hell, I always kind of figured it was one of those birthday noisemakers, like his tongue. 

Never change, this city.

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15 Responses

  1. I drew the phanatic as well as the eagle at bullies pub.. I have no idea who added the Nats fan/player but I think it’s fucking GREAT!!!!!!!!! Well done!!!!

  2. I feel the nationals fan took advantage of me because I was drunk. I want to report this , but I feel hurt and afraid.

  3. this never would have happened if we had 11 bartenders on: 5 to serve the customers and 6 to watch for graffiti artists and do service bar

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