Your Monday Morning Roundup: Nothing Happened Edition

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To give you an idea of what a horrible local sports weekend it was, check out the cover of today’s Daily News. Nate Allen? High school? A Mark Kram styling? Yeah, it's that bad. [Read those stories here.]

By my unofficial count, the last time there was a full weekend without a Philly sports team playing was New Year’s weekend this year. Of course, that weekend saw the Winter Classic Alumni game and the Classic itself on Monday, which was an off day for most people.

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup:

– Let’s talk about Maalik Wayns. He’s getting a ton of pub in the pre-season for the Sixers, but I’m not I'm even a little bit sold. As a Villanova grad, I spent the past three years waiting for Wayns to turn into Kyle Lowry or Randy Foye– the best guards of the Jay Wright era. 

I’m not sure it ever happened.

Yes, Wayns had a great season last year on a horrible team– 17.6 PPG, 4.6 AST, 3.8 RB. But he never developed the all-around game that was expected. Despite his blazing speed, which rightfully drew comparisons to Lowry, Wayns struggles to finish around the basket, takes poor shots, and is not a good three-point shooter (he shot under 30% from behind the arc in his sophomore and junior seasons). He has the speed of Lowry (maybe), but doesn’t have the same finishing ability, defensive prowess, or rebounding skills. He’s a nice change of pace type of player, but nothing I saw in three years at Villanova that told me Wayns was going to be a consistent NBA scorer. I think what we’re seeing here is a highly skilled and athletic rookie making the most of nonsensical pre-season basketball. 

I hate to write that, too, because no one is more excited to see a Villanova guy play for the Sixers. I just don’t think Maalik is anything more than a deep bench player in the NBA who will eventually earn a solid living in Europe (see also: Allan Ray).

Deadspin’s Week 6 NFL GIFs are always worth checking out. 

– Iowa fans showed up to their game against Penn State wearing prison garb, an unexpected and extremely classy move.

Terry Bradshaw thinks Andy Reid is gone after the season.

– Kyle Lohse – yeah, the guy who gave up back-breaking home runs in the opening round of the Postseason in 2007, 2011 and 2012 – will start Game 7 of the NLCS for the Cardinals tonight. Before Game 6, he seemingly forgot that time his former team won the World Series and got back there the next year:

“Well, yeah, it is a big deal.  I don't know the history of it, but I don't know when the last time a team's gone back to the World Series after having won it.  It doesn't happen too often.”


It happened in 2008 and 2009, no thanks to you, Kyle.

A 12-year-old girl from Clayton, New Jersey is missing. Find her.

Hunter Pence and his soothsaying had this quote before Game 5 on Friday:

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 9.12.37 AM

Yeah, Catwoman said that. Hunter Pence is quoting Catwoman.


16 Responses

  1. Nothing happened, huh? Pretty sure there was college football on Saturday. Unfortunately, temple didn’t get to win their game, but I, like a lot of other people in the Philadelphia area, enjoyed quite the resounding victory by PSU over Iowa on the road.
    And the Sixers are playing well. Preseason, but still, playing well.

  2. I’d rather spend spring break in iraq than go to college at Villanova. The place is expensive as fuck, and is home to quite possibly the most uninteresting and lamest campus ever.
    The betting line starts at 4.5 for the amount of Pink Polo Shirts Kyle owned while in college.
    Fuck Villanova

  3. Hey Joe P.
    Go write your own blog fuckface. This is Philly – we have real sports. We don’t watch Diet Football on Saturdays.

  4. Tim, have you ever been there? Here are the tuitions of schools in the area all from
    Villanova $56,710
    St. Joe’s $53,130
    Drexel $56,165
    Penn $59,428
    LaSalle $50,410
    Swarthmore $58,090
    Also, your probably way too much of a pussy to ever leave Delaware County let alone go to Iraq.

  5. Rollie – did you really just compare Nova to an Ivy League school? That’s a clown argument, bro.
    Move Nova off of the Main Line and you’ve got West Chester Jr. The price for admission would go down, yet the douche bag number would remain constant.
    Oh, and the Delco argument? Not from there, keep trying though. Come on – that 60k a year should at least get you to argue better than this, no?

  6. Nothing happened? I beg to differ. There was plenty of college football action, lowlighted by Temple’s second half implosion against Rutgers; the Sixers continue to impress, even if it is preseason; the Giants and Cardinals are going down to the wire in the NLCS; and I enjoyed lots of NFL action on Sunday. If anything, the absence yesterday of the irritating soap opera better known as the Eagles made my Sunday all the more relaxing.

  7. North Philly’s OWN Danny “Swift” Garcia, successfully KO’d Erik Morales in the 4th Round and is a reigning Champion….so not all “horrible” news this wknd…but I guess hispanics in boxing doesnt matter on this site.. (doh!)

  8. Rollie –
    The fact that you were unable to process the sarcasm in my “clown argument” line only further supports my claims about Villanova above. Go get your money back if you can – after all that cash you’re still unable to think critically and/or process sarcasm.
    God help us all

  9. I used to love the NFL back in the late ’80’s and through the ’90’s. Then in 2000’s, after all those great players from the 80’s and 90’s retired (Elway, Barry Sanders, Marino, Deion, etc) the Eagles were my ONLY reason to watch NFL. Now I can’t even stomach them, it’s the same stale crap season after season, week after week, and same press conference monday after monday. College footbal as a whole is so much more fun and diverse than the NFL, and sure as hell offers more than the Eagles have in 7 years. I pray the birds get it turned around this year and have an upheaval in the offseason…..

  10. @ Tim- “Hey everybody, I hate Nova and Kyle wears pink shirts (good one!) but I’ll refresh my page every 30 minutes just to see what’s he’s saying”.

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