All Along, Andrew Bynum was Going to be Out 2-3 Months

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See, I have a problem with this. Yesterday, the Sixers released a statement saying they knew Andrew Bynum’s injury was more severe than they had let on. And last night, not only did Bynum confirm that to be the case, but he also, perhaps to the chagrin of the team, said that a prolonged absence was the plan all along: [CSN Philly]

“It’s not a setback. It really was the original plan,” Bynum said. “I was talking to my doctor and he said it would take eight to 12 weeks. That’s a few months’ time. I’m feeling better every day, and we took an MRI on Nov. 5 and it showed that the bone bruise is getting better.”


Eight to 12 weeks. In early October, the Sixers said three. Then, when Bynum wasn’t back in three weeks, until he is pain free. No indication from Bynum or the team that the initial timetable was two to three months… until yesterday. But hey, I’m sure the Sixers sold a lot of tickets for games in November and December to fans who thought they would catch a glimpse of the future greatest Sixers center ever, of all-time, for all eternity. And perhaps that’s why the secondary market is flooded with tickets starting at $3, and $7 in the lower level, for upcoming home games. 

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  1. You would have a problem with this. Injuries take time to heal. Some risks are worth taking. This is a setback. If they let people worry that his injury could be worse and he could miss significant time, then the fans would be UP IN ARMS, questioning the trade, not buying tickets, etc. By doing it this way, there is less negative press around an organization that has alot to be excited about. Bynum will play, until then focus on the players on the court not the one that’s on the bench.

  2. I hate to be pessimistic, but I’m still betting on Afroman playing a total of maybe 10-15 games all season. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Took your marching orders from Angelo on this story, didn’t you, Kyle. I think he’s the only person in town more annoyed about the Bynum Business and the implications associated with increased ticket sales than you are.
    Newsflash, bro: Teams lie about everything to our faces every damn day. Get used to it. Was what the Sixers did over the top devious reagrding Bynum and his injury situation? You bet! Was it all for the sake of business? You bet! Hell, the Sixers would’ve announced that Wilt himself was being ressurected if it meant one more dollar in the coffers. Now, for certain this is going to bite them in the ass big time if it isn’t already, but this sort of bait and switch scheme is nothing new in professional sports.
    The Sixers made their bed with this scheme, now they’re going to have to sleep in it. Meanwhile, I’m more concerned with what’s happening with this team on the court, not in the front office.

  4. what a joke, they should void his contract or blow his agent for fooling them into getting him

  5. Wow, what a crime. A sports franchise lying about an injury to illicit more ticket sales. I’ve never ever heard someone bitch about cheap ticket prices. Where you one of the fans who bought tickets to see the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain? I think you should’ve picked a more rational reason to be pissed about. Like the fact that they may have traded for a guy with no knees.


  7. Who the F does Bynum think he is lying to us about when he will play? Oh, Chase Utley.

  8. Bynum better get his ass back soon and he better sign here next season. I’m gonna be totally pissed if we give up Iggy, Harkless, Vuce and a draft pick for half a season of a gimpy Bynum.

  9. EXACTLY, KYLE, ORGANIZATIONS LIE: BYNUM IS TELLING YOU IT’S NOT A SETBACK SO YOU DON’T WORRY. Do you want him to hold a “Re-do Press Conference” at the Constituition center to address Sixer fans that this deal was a complete mess, accept his resignation, and offer his sincerest apology? You’re the only person annoyed about this situation but you’re also the only person constantly being annoying about it. The majority of fans (people that watch and care about the team, not you) are still happy without Iguodala on the roster.

  10. Will84 – I think you are missing the point. The Sixers were selling tickets based on this guy, and his “headline” status. They were jamming him down people’s throats as the franchise center we had been waiting for.
    See, what they should have done is come clean, and told the fanbase he would be out a while – but they mislead the fans in order to sell tickets, knowing full well this guy was a 1/2 year player at best. Thats bad business. It’s one thing to be vague about an injury during the season, so as to not tip your hand to other teams – it’s entirely another to bullshit your own fans into buying tickets.
    It would essentially be like them saying “Allen Iverson this thrusday vs. Knicks!!” – you buy tickets, get there and they say “Oops…we meant NEXT thursday”

  11. Gray – No, I’m really not. Who are all these people that rushed out to purchase season tickets after Bynum became a Sixer? Season ticket sales rose last season, 2011-2012. The Sixers made it clear from the jump that Andrew Bynum’s knee was an issue, yes they were hopeful he would play, but things didn’t shake out that way. Let’s all cry about it. Anyone that bought a ticket and thought they were going to see Andrew Bynum early in the season is an idiot.
    Blog — Post the evidence of an increase in season ticket sales after Bynum became a Sixer instead of just accusing them of being greedy swindlers. No fans are complaining, just you.

  12. Sixers owners are Ivy league grads they were taught how too scam the public just like they were taught to scam the stock market. Although Bynum is fine, they had too do this for sales. If they win it all we will all forget this ever happened.

  13. fuck you serious @sportsarefixed holy shit i think your right. damnnnnn nnnn man imma need more shit from you. you gotta link yo

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