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See, I have a problem with this. Yesterday, the Sixers released a statement saying they knew Andrew Bynum’s injury was more severe than they had let on. And last night, not only did Bynum confirm that to be the case, but he also, perhaps to the chagrin of the team, said that a prolonged absence was the plan all along: [CSN Philly]

“It’s not a setback. It really was the original plan,” Bynum said. “I was talking to my doctor and he said it would take eight to 12 weeks. That’s a few months’ time. I’m feeling better every day, and we took an MRI on Nov. 5 and it showed that the bone bruise is getting better.”


Eight to 12 weeks. In early October, the Sixers said three. Then, when Bynum wasn’t back in three weeks, until he is pain free. No indication from Bynum or the team that the initial timetable was two to three months… until yesterday. But hey, I’m sure the Sixers sold a lot of tickets for games in November and December to fans who thought they would catch a glimpse of the future greatest Sixers center ever, of all-time, for all eternity. And perhaps that’s why the secondary market is flooded with tickets starting at $3, and $7 in the lower level, for upcoming home games. 

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courtesy CSN