Audio: Jason Babin Laughed When He Found Out He was Cut, Says His Tape Will be His Resume

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Funny, I also laughed when I heard Jason Babin was cut.

Speaking to ESPN Radio’s Jonathan Coachman (yeah, the WWE guy) after being released today, Babin explained his reaction when he found out that he was cut:

“One, any time you see “Andy Reid” come across your caller ID, you know it’s probably not a good thing. But two, it was… all I could was, I laughed. I was like, “Alright, coach, if that’s what you got to do.” You know, it was just… I don’t know, it caught me off-guard.”


He laughed… and then the lunkhead was hit with the fact that he’s only been paid roughly $9 million of his five-year, $27 million contract. Suddenly, it wasn’t funny.

Fatherhood, life:

“It’s crazy, because my Tuesdays are like my dad day. I get to pick the boys up from school, I’m getting ready to take them to football practice. And I got all this going on.”


On the fans:

“They’re gonna say what they’re gonna say. There’s nothing you can do about it, it’s just the way they are. They don’t hold back on their feelings or emotions or thoughts, and you kind of get raw and uncut viewpoints.”


Vile ones. Vile viewpoints.

On getting a new job:

“I think if [teams] watch my tape, [they’ll] see what level I play at. My resume is my tape.”


His tape? It’s the football equivalent of a resume in WordPerfect file format, filled with misspellings. Here, I’m old and having a down year, but I have a sweet fucking sack celebration and I used to excel in an antiquated formation.

You can listen to the full interview here.

H/T to CSN


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  1. Regarding Babin, all I can say is: good riddance to bad rubbish. As for that so-called tape of his (I guess posting a video on YouTube is beyond his paltry level of intelligence), I’m sure teams will get a laugh out of that.

  2. So the amount he got paid during his time here roughly equates to what D-Jax would’ve made on a franchise tag…which according to Jason is a tough situation. Ha! Yeah Jason, youre gonna have a pretty rough go of it these next few decades with your millions of dollars…But if you’re having trouble finding a job, I think your expertise in spinning could land you a nice job in a ballet somewhere. Or maybe you could be a dreidel salesman…Who knows? The possibilities are endless with that “resume” of yours, asshole.

  3. Babin’s future:
    2 year contract, cut
    1 year contract, cut
    Free agent signing as injury replacement, cut
    Guest speaker for time share conventions, fired
    Spray Tanning infomercial personality, fired
    Steroid dealer at a Bally Total Fitness, incarcerated
    Cabana boy for John Travolta, bukkaked

  4. His wife will be working the front desk at julie dornebos’s tanning joint within 3 years

  5. If it’s not the mysogynistic, homophobic, racist comments that make me leave (or the just plain stupid, see #2 above), it will be the “you might like’s”. Can’t stand the links to articles I’ve already read. And when they start recommending things like the latest on Casey Anthony or shitty top ten lists, color me gone from your (increasingly) worthless blog.

  6. Fuck Blabin! I did. He didn’t stop talking the whole fucking time either. Blabin you should just shut the hell up and do your job stupid.

  7. Worst place to be on a football field is upfield behind the QB. That is where Babin spends 99% of his time. He is a pass rusher, has no business on the field on running downs. Not a complete football player and just cost himself millions. He is arrogant as hell, goodbye scumbag

  8. BOO HOO HOO you Eagle fans are an embarrassment to real football fans all you idiots do is bitch and complain no wonder your town is the national laughingstock.
    Babin will be claimed off waivers by a contending team so he’ll get the last laugh while you fat drunken white trash will be left to stew in your own misery.

  9. I imagine Babin flexes and blows himself kisses in the mirror when hes banging his girl like in American Psycho.
    A New York fan calling out Philly for not being “real” fans. Just like all your real fans show up late and leave early from playoff games? New York is the only town the tops Philly in loudmouth bitching fans.

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