Audio: Joe Conklin’s King Dunlap Song

I truly hate King Dunlap as a football player. So, anytime someone wants to ridicule him through holiday song – in this case Joe Conklin on the WIP Morning Show – we’re going to post it. To the sidelines he runs, timeouts are done, this guy is so dumb.

Audio courtesy WIP


8 Responses

  1. I’m kinda over the whole Joe Conklin – Big Daddy Graham “Two Funny Philly Guys” thing… but I’m not gonna lie, that was f*cking hilarious.

  2. I listen to that station over 97.5 most if not all of the day, but I truely despise that show (i bear through it on wednesdays for Ricky Bo)
    I also hate corny ass, hack parody songs, but that was definitely one of his better ones. Doesn’t hurt that I can’t stand King Dunlap.

  3. And yes i know i probably used the wrong “bear” because I don’t know which one to use there, guy who corrects comments on the internet like its a term paper.

  4. The song is funny, which is rare for Joe Conklin. It might be the first funny thing he has ever done.

  5. Joe Conklin by himself is funny; Big Daddy Graham is an annoying douche who has no place on sports show and is also not funny. Conklins’ parodies are generally pretty funny; this one is hilarious. Andy Reid Better Job is also good.

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