Audio: This Call From Tom McGinnis Last Night was Spectacular

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I can’t even describe this adequately. I’ll just advise you to listen to the final 34 seconds of the third quarter from the Sixers’ opener as called by Tom McGinnis. A sampling:

“Spencer Haaaawes! Nice play by the big man. That’s a little vet savvy. Hey JaVale McGee, I know you want to block this shot, you are anxious to make up for that little boo boo do… what happened here? They wave it off. They call traaaaveling! And I just screamed out Spencer Hawes in sing-song fashion and you call walking?! That ruins the call! Mr. Referee, we’re on a little rift here.”


Pretty Hawesome.



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  1. This guy makes it more interesting to listen to the game rather than watch, good shit.
    For a moment I thought I was hearing sound bites from some NBA JAM sequel or something.

  2. Love McGinnis (the REAL T-Mac), but it’s more fun drinking to Zoo and Malik. I’ve been sobering up since I can’t drink to JJ and Coatsey, so the Sixers were a welcome start. “Down it goes!”, “lock all windows and doors”, and all that shit-that-Malik-says, all worth drinks. CAN’T WAIT for the next game. 10-9-8…

  3. All that describing a basketball game on the radio and Mc Ginnis still said less than Mc Carthy would have on television during a baseball game.

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