Better Radio Rant: Rob Ellis or Jeremiah Trotter?

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 12.41.22 PMPhoto: HughE Dillon, Philly Chit Chat

In one corner, in the green and silver trunks, is WIP’s Rob Ellis, generally a fairly mild-mannered radio host, who lost is cool last night talking about Jason Babin and his whiny ways: 

In the other corner, wearing the red trunks, is Jeremiah Trotter, on his show on 97.5 The Fanatic: [listen here].

I have to give the nod to Ellis. Trotter spit some truth, talking about being a man on the field and not giving a damn what fans say. But Ellis… he unleashed a stream of angry consciousness, somehow bringing poor Andre Iguodala into the fire. Babin, Reid, Cole, Vick, Iggy… no one was safe. 

Welcome to Philadelphia.


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  1. My vote’s for Rob. That was a beautiful stream of righteous fury aimed at Babin. Trot’s rant was okay, but he’s a former player, and former players will always stick up for current players, and both often look down on fans as lower than the mud on the soles of their cleats.

  2. i caught Ellis last night, it was impressive. he is by far the best host on wip. everyone else is basically unlistenable, maybe not jodie mac

  3. I caught Rob’s opening on the ride home last night. It’s just as great the second time around.

  4. he was trying to do what that dude chad whatever his last name did in DC the day after the eagles beat the skins but the other rant was way way way better.

  5. Trotter says players should never care what fans say – play football!
    I agree.
    And as a fan, I never have and never will give a PHUCK what any asshole jock says.
    I just spent 4 days without electricity in my home – the last thing I thought about was Jason Babin’s feelings.
    The Eagles are 3 hours a week of entertainment: That’s it.

  6. Of course Babin cheats on his wife… his twitter feed oozes with insecurity. I really want to start a collection for the first guy who can successful seduce and nail Babin’s wife. If we put our minds to it, folks, we could raise a lot of money, and it’s all for a worthy cause. To “hit” that, and humiliate Babin.

  7. CB needs to post some pics of the long snappers wife. I would love to eat her snapper.
    Hey Yoooooooo

  8. I really really really hate Babin. I disliked him since he came back but I can’t even look at him at this point. He’s your typical meathead who is too dumb to have a good grasp on reality. He is the cancer in that locker room. Its time to start over!

  9. That rant by Ellis is exactly the way I feel. Exactly. Thank you for that. This team is shit. Absolute shit. Take it down and start over sans Shady.

  10. Babin reminds me of the dude who does car bombs & starts fights in bars. I hope their plane crashes when en route to NO

  11. is that the guy who wont stop whining about Philadelphia fans? Cause hes being a CBB (Cry baby B!tch) about his job. He has been professional (Scoff) during this time of turbulence and has really shown his character and that he truly does not care what the fans think….but he will keep talking about us like we actually care about him anymore….play good then talk not the other way around. Were committed fans. and unlike him we notice things, bad football (he wouldn’t know what bad football is because he doesn’t watch games outside of what he is required to do…hes a minimal do=er). Difference is we get up every morning and do our job professionally… that’s right people who keep their jobs are professionals. get over it bro and just play the effing game like your paid MILLIONS to do (Over payment at this point)…SHUT UP nobody likes a cry baby. PS. its supposed to be fun

  12. Did babin used to have a drug phase back in the day? Those tats scream I was on a drug binge a la josh Hamilton

  13. Very reminiscent of G Cobb’s ‘Hey, Richie. Boo!!’ rant against Kotite from many moons ago.

  14. This guy is a pile of trash. No heart, no soul, no motivation other than a paycheck. This eagles team is the most despisded team I’ve ever seen. Even when Eddie Jordan coached the sixers, I never heard any, “FIRE JORDAN” chants at the Well.

  15. I’ve listened to Rob’s rant three times now, and it just gets better and better.

  16. Ellis & Didinger may be the 2 best hosts on that station. I couldn’t have summed up my feelings on this team any better if I tried in regards to Ellis’ rant. Not only are these guys unlikeable but they’re all hired guns that we as a fanbase have no attachment to because they make it clearly evident through their play & interaction with the media that they also want nothing to do with us. We have barely any homegrown talent on this team because The Walrus can’t draft to save his life, & when he ever does hit on a pick its usually a late round pick that’s about as skillfully selected as throwing a blindfolded dart at a board. Keep Shady, Herremans, Celek, Cox, Kendricks & Peters. Couldn’t care less about the rest.

  17. Dirk – completely agree with your list of “keepers”, and might add Maclin to the list.
    If what I heard this morning was true, Babin blew this WAY out of proportion and put words in the dude’s mouth that was yelling at him. Nothing personal was said at all, it was simply (deserved) criticism of the defense that the Eagles couldn’t handle. The arrogance boggles the mind…

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