Bill O’ Brien Thinks His Nittany Lions Are A Bunch of Fuckers… But In A Good Way

After an emotional 24-21 victory over Wisconsin to close out the regular season, Penn State Head Coach Bill O' Brien let the world know exactly what he thought of his team.


Enjoy your weekend, fuckers.

h/t Blake and mykemusser


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  1. What? This has nothing to do with the scandal and Kyle’s posting about Penn State?
    Ooooh, he thought he heard a swear.

  2. Whoever heard “fighters” instead of “fuckers” needs their ears checked. He clearly said fuckers!

  3. It’s funny because he totally meant to say fighters, but said it like it needed to be said!

  4. I hope this guy stays at Penn State. Weather the storm the next four years and he will turn PSU into the New England of college football. This guy has a gift.

  5. I hope bill Obrien gets caught exhuming joe pas maggot ridden corpse for anal pleasure and the campus police throw hot dogs at him for being such an idiotic puke.

  6. Angelo you scum bag half-negro, I hope RHEA HUGHES shoots a big load of cum in yourasshole then sucks it out with a straw and spits it into your pussy

  7. After all this man has been through with the NCAA and the school’s reputation and all the critisism that came with being at Penn State, it has been a lot of stress on the man and he is so emotional over the season that he gets choked up. It may sound as a profanity to some of you people that are looking to get on Penn State some more but the man says Fighters. “They are a bunch of Fighters” They have had a nice season and it was nice to see them to bounce back with all of the things that have happened.

  8. I’m disappointed Kyle. I would of liked you to to take the opposite route on this one and defend the man.

  9. Yeah he definitely said fighters with a voice crack. Not fuckers. Trust me, I know everything there is to know about Penn Straight.

  10. It was posted by Ryan, you fuckers. Stop shitting on Kyle because you had a miserable Thanksgiving in a dumpster behind Sugar House

  11. He obviously misspoke, while emotional after the hard ‘fought’ win, he DID say “Fuckers” but probably meant to say “fighters”.

  12. Yeah Chris, cause if there’s one thing that everyone wanted to see come out of that whole mess at Penn state, it’s that the football team would have a nice season…ugh, bunch of fucking cult members.

  13. I wish the eagles played with half the heart these young men have week after week.
    Great job PSU football, and thank you so much Seniors!

  14. Any pics from last nights charity game in AC? Car bomb finger anyone???
    Hartnell fall??

  15. Why are people so critical about this post? Either way, it doesn’t matter if he was trying to say “fighters” he choked up and out came “fuckers” if you don’t hear that, you are retarded. Just enjoy it for what it’s worth.

  16. Any children get molested at the game? PSU fans support child rape.

  17. The more I read comments by PSU fans, the less I care for PSU. I’d be willing to forget the whole thing now that Sandusky’s breaking up rocks, except for the fact that you people are seriously sick. Keep digging, Morons. You damage PSU every time you post. Losers. Oh, and by the way, he said Fuckers.

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