Bird Droppings: This is Some Shit

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Let’s start with a positive, because I promised myself I’d be positive this holiday season: Bryce Brown looked very good. He rushed for 178 yards and two touchdowns. His combination of size and speed is a rarity, even in the NFL. So, we look forward to watching him in the coming years.

Of course, Brown’s two fumbles helped the Eagles to their seventh straight loss and everything is basically fucked.

Nick Foles looks just good enough until he gets near the red zone, and then, like Michael Vick, he turns into a turnover seeking machine by forcing balls into impossible spots (that's what she said). Jason Babin’s pass rush looks like a hockey puck being shot into a mattress– there’s some give, and quite a bit of spinning, but mostly the mattress just shrugs off the attack while the puck falls to the ground. The Eagles secondary plays like a Madden glitch: Some plays are literally unstoppable because of flawed AI that can’t adjust to certain formations. Oddly, it’s always been the slot receiver that’s caused problems for EA Sports… seems the same holds true for Todd Bowles:

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.57.15 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.57.15 AM

But have no fear, citizens of this fine city, the Eagles are going to continue to help animals whether Vick stays or not. That’s a fact we learned from this oddly-timed article, posted during the Eagles game, which quotes former VP of Communications Rob Zeiger, who’s been fired for almost a week now:

The team adopted animal welfare as a cause in 2009 following the controversial signing of Vick after his release from federal prison. He was convicted of running an illegal dogfighting ring.

"The commitment is continuing," an Eagles spokesman, Rob Zeiger, said last week.

The team has donated roughly $400,000 of the animal welfare fund's $500,000 to about a dozen area charities, said Zeiger, adding that "when we run through that, we'll revisit where we go." (Zeiger is no longer employed by the Eagles.)


Thanks, Rob. Maybe less animals and more come to our games! would have saved your job.

Some images and Tweets from last night:

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Pic via (@obrienkp)

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Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.37.45 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.37.45 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 7.37.45 AM

Pic via (@nateriggins)


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I hate this team.


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  1. the Jeff This Is On You sign is perfect. there needs to be multiples of them made and held throughout the stadium.

  2. 2012 will be the new benchmark for total failure in Philly sports history.
    Phillies were a disaster.
    Eagles were a nuclear holocaust of a disaster.
    Flyers fell victim to the NHL lockout and were not there to ease any of the pain.
    Nobody really cares about the Sixers at this stage of their season.
    Complete. Utter. Devastation.
    The only saving grace in 2012 was the Flyers trouncing of the Penguins in the spring, and maybe the Sixers taking Boston to 7 games. But both of those were technically ‘last season.’
    There’s nowhere to go from here but up. I guess.

  3. Pooper is so right – the D has so passed the quitting stage. Kendricks might be a serviceable player and I guess you have to keep Cox & Curry. The rest of them can leave town at their earliest convenience.

  4. @Mike Saunders: That gravy train has to be coming to an end. By all reports Vegas got cleaned out in this game. Carolina +3 got 75% of the action. Eagles are 1-10 vs spread amirite?

  5. carolina -3. birds haven’t covered once this season.
    also are 3-19 against against the # the last 22 home games. Going to be a nice x-mass
    ho ho hoooooooooo

  6. Don’t worry, they are going to get a top 5 pick and then Howie Roseman can rebuild this team into a SB contender.

  7. Just when you thought the Eagles couldn’t sink any lower, they find new depths to plumb, losing to a 2-8 kennel of mutts from Carolina. And I think the Birds STILL haven’t hit rock bottom as I don’t see a winnable game for the rest of the season. The only hope would be the season finale against the Giants who’ll long have NFC Least locked up and Tom Coughlin rests his starters for the playoffs, and even then there’s no gaurantee the Birds could win. The stench from this team is unbelievable!

  8. nice outfit on the rich douche behind lurie…matches the bitch next to him…not even close to the eagles green….

  9. @ Mike sanders:, “sit meat train must end. And all the news seems clear in this game of Las Vegas. Carolina + 3 got 75% of the action. The eagle is 1-10 and amirite spread?

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    “It passed almost unnoticed, but last month Benedict XVI significantly upped the ante in an argument he’s made one of his pontificate’s centerpieces. To the horror, one suspects, of some professional interfaith dialoguers and wishful-thinkers more generally, the pope indicated the Church should recognize that some types of religion are in fact “sick and distorted.”

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