Boston College Women’s Soccer Player Suspended Over Penn State Tweets

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Thanks to our friends at Onward State for dutifully chronicling the Tweets of a Boston College women’s soccer player who doesn’t mind showing off her DSLs through avatar.

Stephanie McCaffrey – whose Twitter bio was (account since deleted) “Just off the binky, time to get kinky” – tweeted a few things about her team’s upcoming match at Penn State. Go:

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Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.03.13 AM 

She was suspended for the game and has since deleted her account. The BC AD released this statement: “The student-athlete used very poor judgment and exhibited insensitivity towards Penn State for which she apologizes. This type of behavior is not tolerated among our student-athletes.”

Yeah, the comments were insensitive, and not particularly funny, but eh, she was ripping Sandusky for his rapist ways, not condoning his actions. Poor choice, but we’ll let her live.


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  1. lol… PSU is like Scientology.

  2. Tim, not sure how Penn State could suspend a BC soccer player… Pretty sure it was the BC athletic director.
    The comments weren’t insensitive towards Penn State, they were insensitive towards the victims.

  3. I’m not commenting on the victim’s position and/or the incentive comments. I’m commenting on the witch-hunt “protect our cult” mentality the PSU fan base and students still continue to embrace.
    Having a student run website stalk and chronicle the tweets of some 19 year old broad that kicks a ball on a field is simply misguided. Guide your anger at the NCAA Sanctions somewhere else, not on some dumb girl who just wanted a few controversial tweets at her followers.
    Penn State’s biggest weakness has always been the cult-like mentality surrounding that campus. After the scandal hit, you’d think the campus would have changed for the better and put that mindset behind them.

  4. i like those crazy chick eyes of her’s long tug probably gives great dome……she can catch it that is all hoooooooo usa usa usa

  5. Onward State is a disgusting propaganda website that feeds in to and also thrives on that whole PSU cult mentality.
    I love this BC chick. She rocks.

  6. First off, onward state got exposed last year for their shoddy journalism and false reports. They are the tmz of college newspapers everywhere. Second off, @tim sheckler, what do you want the people who haven’t been involved in any of it to do? Transfer? Turn their back on the school just like the world did? You know, I think psu has the only citizens (minus the absolute, obnoxious 1% that ruin it for the rest) that have read all the documents, all the articles, and formulated their own opinions. I think they’re the only ones who’ve thought more about the victims and read more about what they’ve been through than any of you. Think about it… put yourself in our shoes (granted we’re not the victims) and imagine if it happened to the eagles.. The whole world would hate the eagles but you would support the people that weren’t involved because it doesn’t reflect the organization, just like sandusky and joepa don’t reflect psu. We’re cocky because we’re ranked 43rd top US university, ranked #1 among 479 corporate recruiting executives who were asked to identify “whose bachelor degree graduates were the best-trained and educated, and best able to succeed once hired”, and i 2007 (and it’s risen since) PSU ranked #9 of all colleges in research and developement. You better believe I’m throwing these stats out and you better believe I anticipate you reading it. Not just a football school, we’re an academic school. We party, we watch football, and we hustle. You got that right, “don’t make fun of us or” I’ll make your life hell. Our backs are against the wall, for a reason I wish never happened, but get your head out of your ass if you think supporting my school is like participating in a cult. It’s called pride, it’s called success with honor- something this school taught me and something I actually use in daily life- not like some phony bums like you and the perverts. Sandusky isn’t, JoePa isn’t, the football stadium isn’t, WE are Penn State. AND third off, Yo TIMMY- you can taste deez nutz!

  7. I have always hated Onward State because they think they’re real journalists. They try to break news, but get things wrong all the time. Just a bunch of amateurs over there. Leave it to the pros guys. With that said, the girl’s comments were very offensive toward the victims of Sandusky. That’s the problem with Twitter, it’s just too easy to say something stupid.

  8. Mr taste it: shove a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up. Go fuck an animal you hick. or go fuck your mom or sister, i’m sure thats what you do out there for fun

  9. though i do not believe there is a legal precedent for it, professional sports teams and college athletics should have the choice to prohibit the use of twitter for their players. everyday, some athlete (usually young) finds themselves in hot water for making insensitive/inappropriate comments. joking or not, these comments were in poor taste because it showed a lack of respect for the victims by drawing laughs about what took place. if any other BC student had made these comments, it would have flown under the radar. however, because she plays soccer for BC, she inherently becomes more high profile than the ordinary student. the banning or restriction of twitter by their teams will deter such from happening. of course, the misinformed cry violation of 1st amendment rights violations, but such liberties only apply to the government and its agents. it does apply to private industry and employment. so, yes one can be fired, suspended, or fined by their team for making insensitive/inappropriate comments. face it…candy at the oak, 3 finger larry, and angelo cataldi would have been fired long ago from their jobs due to their senseless and asinine posts, but someone needs to keep those fries coming in the drive thru!

  10. Notice all the BC Alums rushing to this girls aid? NO, instead we have the PSU cult retards on here bashing Tim Sheckler and proving his very valid point. i swear these people are thee fucking dumbest assholes in existence, WTF do they put in the food at that place? It’s a fucking school you went to, it’s not your life, move on and get back to checking the want ads.

  11. here’s to the two dumb degenerates that replied to me specifically and indirectly: @worley’shotpieceofass: Don’t know if you noticed but I’m commenting on a philly blog, meaning I most likely am from the area. You know, people are allowed to go to school away from home sometimes. I’d say try it but I wouldn’t want you in public. As an outsider though, what do you think of the human race so far?
    @MM: again, don’t know if you noticed but it’s a philly blog. And Penn Stater’s come from all over PA, including the biggest city in the state. That’s why kyle posts about PSU nearly everyday. He’s feeding to his audience. He’s not feeding to BC’s audience. You can call me a member of a cult (original) yet I can’t defend myself and school? “It’s just a school you went to”- glad to know you regret the school you went to

  12. reason we’re arguing is cause original degenerate generalized over 200,000 people because a newspaper followed a bc soccer player. The jokes sucked, weren’t anything, and it’s over. You call me out though, I’ll call you out. Besides the chicks beat – google images.

  13. I really do not care about Penn State but I do think its funny that people say PSU is a cult when the first two comments on this blog are bashing PSU. Maybe some people are just haters? I get it, terrible stuff happened out there in God’s country, but to lambast everyone who has ever gone there just shows how F’n stupid some of you are. Of course as I say that, Mr. Taste It did eventually come along to make it much easier to think that everyone at PSU are idiots. You made a fair (maybe even good) point or two Taste however you did it in such a condescending way that I honestly cannot fathom how you think people from the city you are from wouldnt want to strangle you.

  14. That shit is hilarious. Penn state needs to suck it up. Don’t like it don’t rape little boys, and don’t defend the rapist. Fucking disgraces of human life.

  15. “I have always hated Onward State because they think they’re real journalists. They try to break news, but get things wrong all the time. Just a bunch of amateurs over there.”
    Sounds much like crossing broad to me…

  16. @Mr. Taste it –
    You literally just proved my point. I never commented on Penn State’s National Rankings or academic strengths/weaknesses. What I did comment on was the unhealthy mentality of students and fans much like yourself, which helped enable Penn State get into this mess in the first place. Your misdirection of throwing out stats and figures helped prove the “under the rug” cult mentality PSU continues to promote. You’re essentially condoning the bullying and prosecution of people speaking out against PSU because you guys hire a shit load of people? Do you see how silly that sounds from “the outside?”
    I never said the students should transfer, that’s absurd. I simply suggested a shift in culture that the current student body is still following prior to the scandal. Maybe selling JoePa glasses and posterboard cut-outs isn’t the best idea right now, ya know?
    Your response was hostile and on the offensive when all I really suggested was “thinking outside of the box” by PSU fans. Guide your passion for your school in real tangible things, not twitter and message board on crossing broad.

  17. I’d like to molest her in the shower at Penn State…consensually of course

  18. Hey Tim, maybe you should do a little research before you come on here and blast misguided PSU students. You claim it is a cult, and maybe it is. But you show your ignorance by thinking that the vast majority of the students A.condone the behavior and B.spend their time on places like CB defending their school. It is a small % of the greater number that feel the need just like those thin skinned Eagles fans who cry everytime someone brings up santa and snowballs. Take 4 seconds of your precious life to google either RAINN or THON to see that kinds of stuff that those kids are doing in Happy Valley.

  19. And as for Mr. Taste, he is an idiot. If you put together ANY group of 10 people you will find at least 1. It doesnt matter where they are from or what they represent.

  20. Chase –
    Here’s the kicker… I went to PSU. No bullshit either. Class of ’07.
    No where did I mention where I went to school in my posts. It just pained me as an alum to see the die-hard dummies make absolute fools out of themselves once the scandal broke.

  21. As a BC student I’m ashamed, not with the attitude of what was said, just cause none of her jokes were funny. C’mon girl step yo game up

  22. My condescending tone and stupid points are most likely due to this being a sports blog, not my senior thesis. Tim, you don’t think it sucks for other alums to see the only idiots who still believe all the bullshit in the news all the time? I consider myself normal: proud of my school, not proud of select scumbags who worked for the school. I understand since it’s from literally the top authority figures the whole school will suffer but with you being an alum it’s a double kick to the nuts to see you trolling us. On one side you have the asshole fans (1% comparable to older racists that will eventually die out but will take decades) who get coverage and then on the other you have trolls who either hate psu and use this as an excuse to lambast the institution or trolls that troll. I personally find myself capable of messing with the trolls as evidenced, but the points I made about this being a great university still stand. For fucks sake I ended the comment with “taste deez nuts”… take it serious but lighten up.
    p.s. First person to tell me what the city of chicago is known for being gets a reward

  23. Aaron, i would like for you to attend my football camp, if you know what i mean…. call me maybe?

  24. candy, read slowly and take breaks if needed. the assembly of five or more sentences expressing intellectual thought is called a paragraph. you wouldnt know that because of two reasons. one, as evident in all of your posts, you are only capable of producing a fragment. secondly, as evident in all of your posts, you are only capable of producing redundant garbage. your posts are monotonous as they lack originality and creative thought. besides the multiple screen names you occupy to support your mindless comments, we’re all tired of seeing you boast about your supposed sexual escapades. everyone knows talkers arent doers. in ending, hope this response didnt take you in upwards of 90 seconds to read it because i dont want your line of customers (4 cars) to back up too much. derelict!

  25. Penn State University is an anagram for “Veiny Penis Nut Taster”…just sayin’.
    Fuck the criminal enterprise called PSU.

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