Bradley Cooper Totally Thinks Philly Fans are a Bunch of Rowdy Dickbags

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Yeah, so I have a man crush on Bradley Cooper, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Philly-Nova (one year, at least) guy. But, when the star of Silver Linings Playbook – which I’m already beginning to hate before even seeing it – sat down with Rhea Hughes* on Lunch Break to talk about the movie… well, he pretty much admitted that Philly fans are vile scum:

Rhea: You play an Eagles fan who just gets out of a mental hospital. I’m just curious, because most people outside of Philadelphia think that’s where all of us belong… 

Bradley: You mean because we throw batteries and ice balls at Santa Claus?

Rhea: The tailgate scene (a fight), were you concerned about feeding into the stereotype a little bit with that?

Bradley: No, because if it’s true, and it’s authentic, then you do it. And that’s what we did. We tried to play it in this movie as authentically as possible. So, no. 


Thanks, Brad. Way to rep. And don’t think your intentional homeliness (is that collar frayed?) to appeal to Philly folks went unnoticed. I know your tricks. All that did, however, was level the playing field between you… and me. See, I’ve been a guest on Lunch Break too (more than once, Bradley), and that means there is a direct comparison between us. A straight line, if you will. And I’m just sayin’, if you had to guess which one of these two guys was People's Sexiest Man Alive… 

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 4.47.18 PM

… well, it would still probably be you. But it’d be close.

*Credit to Rhea for keeping it together here. If that were me interviewing, say, Mila Kunis, I'd be a puddle on the floor.

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  1. I’ll show him the silver lining! Or, the inside lining of my jeanshorts when I’m taking them off! He is scrumptious!

  2. I have trouble keeping my lunch down when I see Rhea’s face, how does she have a show called Lunch Break?

  3. Bradley Cooper (can’t said Brad, Bradley, or Cooper, always full name) is right. And I’m not ashamed of it either. I think as Philly fans, we love that everyone else hates us. Because they think we care.
    …we don’t.

  4. Stop bein a sensitive little pussy . He portrayed us as fighters and loose cannons , good .Is this crossing broad or the views web page grow a set

  5. He’s right and Rhea Hughes is a joke for trying to put herself and that truly awful morning show she reads the news for into a story that has nothing to do with them.

  6. Hey Kyke Scott…you actually think you’re in the same league as Bradley big balls cooper? I’ve anally penetrated him several times as let me tell you, his asshole is tight, he doesn’t shave, and he has a 14inch penis…when he slides his firm erection inside my coarse, black, diarrhea ridden rectum, I know I love him…but you? HA! I won’t even touch you, not after I’ve sliced the tip of my penis with a razor blade and pour citric acid in the wounds whilst chewing on my own excrement. Even after I let Bradley copper spray diarrhea all over my genitalia while we throw used heroin needles at RHEA HUGHES, will I not fuck you. Suck my tiny enflamed penis. Romney/Santorum 2016!!

  7. candy from the oak do you like tapes and cds?
    cause i’m about to tape this dick to your forehead so you can cds nutz!
    Go carve turkeys you montco bum! DELCO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
    taste deez nutz candy.
    p.s. angelo cataldi uses the same unfunny adjectives in his stupid rants about rhea hughes… if reading this: please get a life! … and taste deez nutz

  8. @ taste it not your fault that your stepdad give you a homemade tattoo at age 11. Your from Delco

  9. I guess I am in the minority, but I don’t find Bradley Cooper the least bit attractive; he has a ferret face.

  10. amanda, light of my life- fate should have made you a gentleman’s wife.
    Yo candy, at least tell me you’ve had a drink from aldi’s in montco, the only legitimate place in the area.

  11. When i was a kid, i watched Harold Carmichael reach over the counter and pick up a kid by the collar and held him in the air. Harold had an order for about 30 hoagies.
    Respectfully submitted this day 16th November 2012,
    Al Tru
    Fuck you I’m from DELCO.
    ps Jennifer Anniston spent her high school years in Eddystone.

  12. So, some “movie star” trashed Philly fans? No surprise. He (and the film) are just playing into the ridiculous stereotype that all Philly fans are jackasses. Excuse us for having passion for our teams. I say being a “crazy, nutjob” fan is a good thing.

  13. Wait what’s this? Some pretty guy must whore himself around talking to every two-bit ‘local celebrity’ as part of his acting contract and to make himself richer?

  14. Cooper is a rich suburban kid.
    They’re the ones that cause most Philly sports related issues anyway.
    Them and the Jersey drunkards.

  15. I’m going to hammer each and everyone of you in the cunt and/or scrotum after I’m done blowing my cat.

  16. Lurie had a cameo in Jerry McGuire ? think so.
    also think he finally got that 3sum with Christina & Banner.

  17. Man that was painful to listen to. She couldn’t stop talking over him and didn’t make me wanna see the movie, also man they couldn’t edit the handler teller her to wrap it up. just terrible.

  18. Philly sports – a place where high school kids care so much they fight during baseball games.

  19. As most of us were preparation for the last switch, Sarah as well as I boxed up almost all of our CD collection. It healthy pretty nicely in a few switching boxes, so most of us loaded it on the truck as well as left.

  20. Man, that is awkward to watch. Especially when Bradley Cooper says to Rhea, “I have a question for you, you used to be a man, right?” And then he says, “Wait, this is what you look like after the nose job? You look like a bleached Jay Cutler!”

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