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Yeah, so I have a man crush on Bradley Cooper, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Philly-Nova (one year, at least) guy. But, when the star of Silver Linings Playbook – which I’m already beginning to hate before even seeing it – sat down with Rhea Hughes* on Lunch Break to talk about the movie… well, he pretty much admitted that Philly fans are vile scum:

Rhea: You play an Eagles fan who just gets out of a mental hospital. I’m just curious, because most people outside of Philadelphia think that’s where all of us belong… 

Bradley: You mean because we throw batteries and ice balls at Santa Claus?

Rhea: The tailgate scene (a fight), were you concerned about feeding into the stereotype a little bit with that?

Bradley: No, because if it’s true, and it’s authentic, then you do it. And that’s what we did. We tried to play it in this movie as authentically as possible. So, no. 


Thanks, Brad. Way to rep. And don’t think your intentional homeliness (is that collar frayed?) to appeal to Philly folks went unnoticed. I know your tricks. All that did, however, was level the playing field between you… and me. See, I’ve been a guest on Lunch Break too (more than once, Bradley), and that means there is a direct comparison between us. A straight line, if you will. And I’m just sayin’, if you had to guess which one of these two guys was People's Sexiest Man Alive… 

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… well, it would still probably be you. But it’d be close.

*Credit to Rhea for keeping it together here. If that were me interviewing, say, Mila Kunis, I'd be a puddle on the floor.

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