Proud: Buy Sixers Tickets for 89 Cents, Sit Courtside

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Even with their significant downplaying of Andrew Bynum’s injury, the Sixers are struggling with attendance. They are 21st in the league with an average of 15,592 fans per game (tickets sold, I’m guessing), according to ESPN. That’s part of the reason you can get tickets for under a dollar. And guess what? Those cheap tickets may actually score you some really good seats. Sure, they’ll be for the second level, but hang around long enough (until the second quarter) and you could be upgraded, free of charge, to primo seats. Reader Edd tells us about his experience:

I got tix to Sundays game for .89 cents, and then at the game was upgraded to 12 rows from the floor. I was up in the 200 whateverthefuckitis level, and with like 5 minutes left in the 2nd they came and offered everyone tickets to move down to the lower level. I mean like 12 rows off the court. Not to mention, only .89 cents to begin with. Oddly enough, they were making sure everyone was in their right seats even though the lower level was bare bones as well. We were actually on the opposing court side, not near cameras. I assume it was for show to keep all of the lower level full. The entire section I was in were offered. So, basically, it was just my buddy and I. #intense #proud. But [really], probably like 50 people.


Proud indeed. 

On one hand, this is a nice gesture by the Sixers– why let the seats down low go to waste? [I wish more teams would do this… though there’s a fine line between being generous and cheapening the product.] On the other… this is kind of sad. We’re in mid-90s Phillies territory, and I’m not even sure they did that in any sort of official capacity (you could just head out to the 300 level in center field on your own if you wanted a quick handy). And, as Edd alluded to, there’s a very real possibility the Sixers are doing this to look good on TV. Attendance is great, but it’s equally as important for games to look good, look fun on TV.  

Most, myself included, figured that by this point under the new regime and with Andrew Bynum, the Sixers would be somewhat of a hot ticket, especially with no hockey and an awful football team. But that’s not the case. In fact, the Sixers are averaging fewer fans per game than they did last season (17,502), but that's in part due to their soft schedule early on.

Edd and his friend weren’t the only ones to get their seats upgraded, either. Take a look at some of these Tweets from the past week or so:

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.13.54 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.13.54 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.13.54 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.13.54 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.13.54 AM

Get your seats upgraded at a Sixers game? Let us know. Want to buy a $3 ticket? Well, Crossing Broad Tickets has your courtside seats.

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21 Responses

  1. Funny that the Union, yep – that SOCCER team in Philly – actually draws more than the Sixers.
    NBA is a disgrace. We don’t even have the Flyers right now and the Sixers can’t pull fans.
    Frankly, I think white people have lost interest in the team. Call it a “touchy subject” – but who on our team can anyone white relate to?

  2. I tried upgrading myself last year at halftime to lower level seats seeing as how it was half empty but was refused by security since they told me it wouldn’t be fair to people who actually paid their seats..

  3. “NBA is a disgrace. We don’t even have the Flyers right now and the Sixers can’t pull fans.”
    Matt does bring up a good point here. The Eagles are a joke, Pitchers and Catchers are still a long way off, and the Flyers are Locked Out. The Sixers are the only game in town and still no one cares.
    Maybe Pat Croce can fix this?

  4. This happened to me last week. Me and my son were in the folding chairs in the front row. I think it made his year. So thanks to the Sixers for that.

  5. I know reporting “tickets distributed” is standard in pro sports, but seriously, could there have been more than 10,000 people in the building based on some of those shots? They can claim 15,000 all they want, but they probably would still have empty seats if they played in the Liacouras Center.
    It’s time to accept that the sixers are Philly’s 5th team.

  6. I’m curious, if I bought courtside seats, would I be upgraded to sitting in the locker room with Doug and the team at halftime? Look, it’s no secret that the Sixers have ALWAYS had trouble drawing fans, so this is nothing new. Hell, if the roster was all white, nothing would change. It’s not the NBA as a whole that’s a digrace, it’s pro basketball in THIS town that’s been wretched.
    Fifty seasons and only TWO championships, just one more than Miami which has been in the league for a fraction as long, and for most of that half century, there’s been so much dreck and crap and garbage, is it any wonder the Sixers have long been the redheaded stephild of Philadelphia sports. Lord knows this new management group has tried it’s damndest to make the Sixers relevant, but there’s just too much indifference to make a difference.
    And the current clusterfuck with Andrew Bynum has only added to the sad legacy of pro hoops in this town.

  7. @ James Dokes – then you aren’t a true Philly fan. Hilarious all the bitching on here. Don’t show up in a few years if all you do is bitch now.

  8. Kyle what are the Sixer’s TV ratings looking like? I’d be interested to know if people are just stay home to watch or if no one really gives a shit.

  9. well i for one (and by these posts it appears i’m the only one!) like that the sixers are upgrading people’s seats like this, and I like the fact that kyle is reporting on it. We hear so much negative shit all the time with our worthless piece of shit eagles, that is finally nice to hear something good. God i am so fucking gay

  10. I love this blog. I find hard time visiting sites that could actually inform me regarding this information. Glad that i found it here. I do have my reporting earlier this week. And probably i could use this a s my reference.

  11. Blogs and people who post on them tend to emphasize differences, but we do have lots in common. For example, KB is right that we need to be concerned about excessive debt. We probably have differences about what level of debt would be “excessive,” and about how to lower, or at least, not add to that debt. He is also right about the need to address Medicare spending.

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