As you are likely aware, the Sixers announced on Saturday that Andrew Bynum will be out indefinitely, meaning that it’s quite possible he never plays a game in a Sixers uniform.

Previous timetables released by the team had him beginning practice on or around December 10 (that, after six weeks of lying), but anyone following closely likely knew that date was a long shot since every update thus far has not been good. The Bynum Era is on life support as our loony center is on his way to become the biggest bust in the history of Philadelphia sports.

Not all is lost, however. Instead of, you know, playing basketball, Bynum has been enjoying our fine city and its surrounding areas, as evidenced by Bigfoot-style photos sent in by you, the reader. There was Bynum at the movies in King of Prussia, Bynum bowling, and now, we have two more additions in a segment we’re calling Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon, a series of sad-looking reader submitted photos of Andrew Bynum doing everyday things and assorted leisure activities instead of playing basketball. 

Reader Dom sends along this photo, taken by Gus Carizzo, of Bynum pumping gas in South Philly while on his way to the Wells Fargo Center Saturday night:

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 9.04.10 AM

Note Bynum's slightly slumped posture as sharp fluorescent lights shine on him, almost making it seem like he’s on a basketball court. He’s not, though. He’s at a gas station.

Next, reader Jason sends along this photo of Bynum at Targetmaster, in Chadds Ford:

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 9.13.55 AM

Here we see Bynum preparing to fire his weapon. No, it’s not a lethal triple-threat move on the low block to send an Eastern Conference opponent spinning onto his ass. It’s not that at all. It’s a gun. Our superstar center, unleashing his fury on… a bullet riddled piece of paper. 

Spot Bynum? See a loon? Send us your pictures!