A deceased Andy Reid sauntered to the podium at the NovaCare Complex today for his weekly press conference. This will surprise you, but he said he takes responsibility, has to do a better job, and that this is fixable. He also talked about Michael Vick’s and LeSean McCoy’s concussions. 

Vick: he’s “improving,” but his ImPACT test came back below baseline (not back to normal), so he is still at Stage 1 in recovery. 

Stage 1 is the first of five stages in recovering from a concussion, according to Sportsmd.com. It includes light aerobic exercise, no football.

McCoy: he has a headache and is also still at Stage 1. It will be taken day-by-day.

Reid was asked about stepping down and said it would be a cop-out, and it’s “not how he’s wired.” He also said that Jeffrey Lurie is “disappointed.”

Reid feels your pain, too: "I know we’re letting the fans down and the city down. I understand how they feel on this."

Well, now I feel better.