Concussions: Vick Still Has One, Giroux Doesn’t



Giroux: he doesn't have one, according to his agent, Pat Brisson, who spoke to CSN Philly:

“There is nothing wrong here, Claude is doing great,” Brisson said from his office in Los Angeles.
“I don’t speak lightly. I’m not one of those who would speak from one side of my mouth.”


Giroux has been in Atlanta getting treatment on his neck from the same doctor who treated Sidney Crosby's concussion. Giroux injured his neck a few weeks ago in Germany and it was feared to be a concussion. It now appears that it's not serious. Carry on.


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  2. You might like is a tactic to get more clicks (ad revenue) on expired topics that people are less likely to browse without a prompt. Kyle is planning on buying Babin’s sweet Jeep and turning it into a roving CB advertisement with the additional monies.

  3. I like how 90% of the “you might like” links are stories about sluts and tits. I’m not being sarcastic, because I honestly do like sluts and tits.
    More Julie Dorenbos please.

  4. POS Ed Snider Ruined so many careers with his terrible equipment. Horrible human being who is more of a dictator then owner

  5. Here’s the true irony of the situation. Chances are better than excellent that Vick will get to play his sport again before Giroux can play his. Anybody want to bet against that happening?

  6. Mr. supporter,
    First of all, thank you for the support, believe me there are thousands of people out there who feel the same way. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote, although you should do a better job of speaking a little more professional as there are children that read this forum. Mr. Snider has not only ruined careers but he has also destroyed countless players’ lives. Perfect examples: Mr. Lappy, Mr. Primeau and Mr. Pronger. That list goes on and on, we would be here all night listing them out. How many people realize that Mr. Pronger was forced to move back to St. Louis due to the damage that the concussion caused to his memory. Mr. Snider did a great job sweeping that under the rug. Does anyone out there for a minute believe that if Mr. Giroux suffered the same hit while playing for the Philadelpia Flyers that he would not be currently suffering through yet another serious brain injury. This is just more evidence that the equipment Mr. Snider forces his players to wear is simply not up to snuff. People, please write to the NHL, that is the only way to put a stop to the injustice. If we allow this to go on then we are feeding the beast and more of the same will continue.

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