Delonte West Put His St. Joes Education to Good Use by Tweeting Out His Resamay

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The former St. Joes star, who has myriad character issues and is currently out of the NBA, tweeted out his resume – or, resamay – yesterday to interested teams and no one in particular. 

The folks over at CBS Sports grabbed all of the Tweets, we’ve aggregated them, for your reading pleasure:

It's not even takin a chance…I'm not comin to yr team riddin a motorcycle… High Q player/person ..low cost…great influence on young P. Defend and play all 3 guard spots…complete player…can be a scorer if asked can be whatever a team needs do to wide verity of skill set. Only ask for communication about when checks come up missin or short…other than that…let's win some games and have fun while we doin it!

And yea..this is my resamay…Coach….?, let's go..take me a day or two to figure offense and a few mins to figure out defense…!! My rates..are league minimum…non garentee…cause Iknow that by time I get there u see what I'm about..what I bring everyday…


Reworded: I’m a smart player who costs nothing. I’m a great influence on young players who aspire to punch graduate assistants, ride high through KFC drive-thrus, perhaps pump LeBron James’ mom, and perform other general debauchery not conducive to fostering a winning environment.  

I can play three different guard spots. Can score, or do whatever. All I ask is that you tell me when my league-minimum checks bounce, a simple request to prevent me from FREAKING THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE I’M BIPOLAR, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Thank you for reading my resamay. Oh, did someone say samay? As in sandwich? Shiiit, this chronic has me hungry as a mo-fo. Sweeeet. Hire me and I’ll bring food.


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  1. You don’t learn to read and write in college. Good attempt at insulting a St. Joe’s education though.

  2. This whole post is exactly why I don’t watch the NBA and couldn’t care if they go away forever. I was hoping the strike would be the end of these ignorant ghetto scum. Wasting scholarship money to “educate” these idiots who can’t even form a sentence. That money should be spent to educate smart kids who can then actually USE their degrees to be a productive member of society. Instead of disgracefully BEGGING on Twitter for an easy payday, why doesn’t he go out and get a regular 9-5 using his “degree”? These NBA banger-idiots are complete scum.

  3. @Will – If you write at the level of proficiency that Delonte West advertises, you shouldn’t be able to post a high enough GPA to stay out of academic probation at any respectable institution.
    You don’t simply learn to “read and write” while enrolled in college. This is true. But the extent to which you can do both should be tested and often is.

  4. Remember when Delonte West was at St. Joe’s and they crushed Villanova every single year?

  5. @will, if you are ok with this level of education coming from your alma mater, then you are as dumb as him. nothing shocking here

  6. Let’s not forget that Delonte West never graduated from SJU. Plus the sole reason this post takes a shot at St. Joe’s is because Kyle is wounded Wildcat after last year’s 13 win season.

  7. @ Joe – You gotta be kidding…how could he not post this? I actually think he went kind of easy all things considered.

  8. @Will – yeah you don’t learn to read & write in college, but HOW oh HOW did he get accepted and stay in decent academic standing?
    Ironic because this was in SJU’s heyday of the early to mid 00’s… NCAA investigation perhaps?

  9. Never knew black guys like hunting. I know his mom was the prototypical black single mom

  10. Interesting that he never graduated. Sooooo….he accepted a four year financial commitment from St. Joe’s (that could have gone to someone who EARNED and DESERVED it), didnt take advantage of the incredible opportunity to get a highly sought after education (like someone who DESERVED it would have),broke his agreement with the school to stay four years (as THEY commited to HIM), flopped in the NBA because he is certifably crazy and not all THAT talented, and now he is begging for a job on Twitter because he can’t get a job anywhere else (BECAUSE he didnt take advantage of the incredible opportunity to get a free St. Joes education)? Fuck him. At least he will have cool stories to tell the other homeless people at the train station about the time Kobe ran over him like a manequin in between asking me for change and a smoke on my way to my real JOB. Not hating on any college athelete that makes it pro and gets paid crazy money….BUT….you are in college and have the opportunity to get an education (free) JUST IN CASE you don’t make it for 15 years in pro sports. Just seems like an incredible waste of money to spend on someone who has no future or civic responsibility outside of basketball when it could have gone to someone who really deserved it.

  11. And before anyone thinks that was racist, I could have posted the same thing about Ryan Leaf.

  12. @ James, Sean, Ted – To use Delonte West’s Twitter account as the sample representation of a St. Joe’s education is irresponsible and used solely for the purpose of disrespecting the institution by someone from Nova.
    Good attempt though, again.

  13. Coming from a guy that talks about a “disconnect” from fans everyday, I’m surprised you went to Nova. Considering the overall douchieness of around 75-85% of the student body. Hence why everyone in the Philly area thinks Nova students are d-bags.

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