DeSean Jackson Has Fractured Ribs and is Done for the Season

Andy Reid’s corpse met with the media today (at this point, I think Jeffrey Lurie is just torturing Reid by making him go through this) and it said that DeSean Jackson has fractured ribs. He will going on IR and miss the remainder of the season. Lucky guy. 

Both LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick are still in Stage 1 of concussion recovery, so that’s not good. UPDATE: Vick has improved beyond Stage 1, but still isn't cleared to play.

Reid said he didn’t meet with Jeffrey Lurie today.

Fuck off.

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19 Responses

  1. Looking forward to many #JACCPOT updates involving portly ghetto strippers who probably have a penis!
    #JACCPOT 4 LIFE !!!

  2. candy, back to work already! your 15-minute smoke break is up and the line in the drive thru is 5 cars long! get those fries coming before they start beeping!

  3. I didn’t realize he was still on the team. Wow, what a loss with all those big plays he’s made this year………………..

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