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Like on that corkboard Carrie and the gang have in Homeland, the Eagles just moved another headshot over to the deceased column: Last week, they fired their Senior VP of Communications, Rob Zeiger. Today? Tim McDermott, their Chief Marketing Officer. [Previously, Juan Castillo was murdered by Andy Reid.]

Here’s the release, via Jeff McLane:

“Tim McDermott is no longer with the Philadelphia Eagles organization. Tim’s departure was amicable, and the Eagles thank him for his work, value his past contributions, and wish him well in his future endeavors. The Eagles will not have any further comment on this matter.”


Nice statement. I guess they replaced Zeiger with a fifth grader. 

Tim is the brother of Sean, the former Eagles defensive coordinator who now is with the Panthers (who the Eagles are playing tonight…). Tim's job description, still on the Eagles’ website, reads thusly:

McDermott is responsible for strategizing and managing all marketing, advertising, merchandising, digital media, broadcasting and brand extension efforts for the Eagles. 


By firing the guys in charge of communications and marketing, it’s quite clear that the Eagles are extremely unhappy with the message being put out into public discourse. I’m not sure how much of that is because of Zeiger and McDermott – because right now trying to market the Eagles is like trying to market castrations to college men – but whatevs. 

As I’ve written before, the Eagles would be served well by an entire brand change (seen here). The general feeling surrounding the organization is tired and stale. Ditto for the online efforts (seen here). But again, all the window dressing in the world won’t make the team better (just ask Adam Aron). What we all really want to know is: When does Andy Reid get fired?