Ed Snider Used a Bruno Mars Song to Propose to His 45-Year-Old Girlfriend, Allegedly

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 11.58.29 AMPhoto: HughE Dillon, PhillyChitChat.com

Oh, Ed. Never change. Just keep pocketing Philadelphians’ hard-earned money and laying the propped-up pipe to significantly younger women.

Dan Gross of Philly.com confirmed a report by Sports Input that Snider, 79, recently got engaged to Lin Spivak, 45. Snider didn’t confirm any details, but Sports Input’s original report, from Friday, November 9, said that Snider, while dining at a fancy Santa Barbara restaurant, excused himself to go to the bathroom (growing problem…) and then a group of actors and singers came out singing Bruno Mars’ Marry You to Spivak while Snider got down on one creaky knee. Sex.

Spivak will be his fourth wife.


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  1. 4th fucking wife? Why can’t he just bang broads like every other Playboy and spend that alimnony jing on defensemen?

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    You think Fast Eddie didn’t sign a prenup? Dude will be fine. Congrats Mr. Snider.
    That said, Fuck you Ed, we want hockey.

  4. There is something hideous about her. Reminds me of the Xenomorph/Ripley hybrid at the end of Alien Resurrection.

  5. At least she isn’t 25. Still gross though. Congrats on those old balls slapping you in the mouth for your payday!

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  9. POS Ed Snider Ruined so many careers with his terrible equipment. Horrible human being who is more of a dictator then owner

  10. She definitely has some sloppy, droopy roast beef curtain lips. An old, sloppy ham wallet. It’s a disgusting mess down there

  11. She’s 45? She looks like a 55yr old woman who had some work done to pull off 45.. but we all can still tell.
    Not that I wouldnt hit dat

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