Ilya Bryzgalov, Protective Cup in Hand, Started Shit with the Russian Media

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Tipped off by a line from Sam Carchidi in this morning's Inquirer - which pointed to a Russian report that Ilya Bryzgalov had gotten testy with reporters after a recent 6-2 win for his team, CSKA – the folks over at Pro Hockey Talk were able to dig up video an awkward exchange between Bryz, a few Russian scriptuals, and one, dangling, protective cup.

Bryz, apparently unhappy with some things that had been written about him and his below .900 save percentage, told reporters that he had been advised by his wife, mom and dad to not speak with the media anymore. Here’s the full transcript of the exchange from [translated] 

"What do you want me to say to all of you? Write some nasty things about me and now suddenly applying for the interview! Look at how many good players around! There is also talk with anyone. Why me? In fact, my wife has banned Eugene interviews. And mom and dad too. If you call them in Togliatti, and they are allowed, then maybe. You think I'm joking, knowing that I can do this? No. In this case, not joking. I'm telling the truth."

At least share experiences from the last game. She's turned out well for you, Bragin praised.

"What kind of experiences are you talking? I even remained dry form … Can you feel, to see this."

Why in the first period for a moment you substituted Ilya Proskuryakov [starting goalie]? Surely you were not aware that he was going out of the gate on the bench can not?

"To be honest, did not know."

Well, it's almost the interview obtained. Then it can be one more question: do you stick thrown in the washer [net?], then was appointed bullet [goal]?

"Of course not. It just fell out of my hand. All. No longer hear anything from me."


And scene. Arguing with the media is a transcontinental pastime for Bryz, it seems.

Video after the jump.


18 Responses

  1. I think the back asswards translation makes the whole article that much better.
    Fuck the haters, I love our nutcase goalie.

  2. Bryz is upset that G and Danny are texting him non stop about all the puss they are getting and they need some help cause danny’s fat son is struggling in the pussy eating department

  3. Mr. JT,
    I wonder if you ever intend to stop acting like a child and join the real world with us adults.

  4. so sports writers in Russia are giant assholes too –
    Fact: Bryz is a head case
    Fact: Bryz does not speak well in multiple languages
    Fact: Bryz has a very hard time making a point – to the degree I’d suggest he might be learning disabled
    but that doesn’t stop the media assholes from jumping all over his shit EVERY fucking game – win or lose
    you FUCKING bullies – get off the guys dick

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