UPDATE: “Indications” Are That Reid Will Not Be Fired Today

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 10.07.38 AMScreen grab via reader Seth

I took the dog for a walk early today.* Well, earlier than usual– around 8:45 a.m. I figured that if Jeffrey Lurie decides to fire Andy Reid , an announcement will likely come around late morning so the Eagles have enough time to craft a statement but not enough time to trot Reid out there for one final press conference. 

But, early signs are that things will remain status quo and Reid will, once again, have to figure out a way to do a better job. Tim McManus, of Philly Mag:

Stay tuned. And while you wait, I’m taking suggestions for celebratory YouTube clips for whenever Andy gets fired. Though my money is 100% on New Year’s Eve, the day after the Eagles’ last game at a time when media coverage will be light and bloggers will be forced to take their heads out of tubs of beer to write snark about how it should have been done months ago. But I’m not proactively bitter. No, not at all.

UPDATE: Sources tell Jeff McLane and Matt Lombardo that Reid will, in fact, coach against the Cowboys next week.

*Her first snowfall and she’s completely unfazed by it other than the fact that SHE CAN’T FUCKING FIND A PLACE TO PISS. I knew girls in college who were more willing to spritz in the snow. I felt like a Zamboni, clearing a path with my foot (for the dog, not my slore friends in college). Also, I can't feel my right thumb. It's frozen.


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  1. He’s not going to be fired today, tomorrow or any day before the season ends. There’s no need to fire him either. Is a Marty or Todd Bowles coached team going to look any better?
    People should just relax, enjoy the holidays and stop obsessing over when Reid gets fired. It’s kinda sadistic actually. The guy’s going to lose his job. Why obsess over when it’ll be?

  2. Question:
    Do you think the defense decided to completely stop playing for Reid because he used Castillo as a scape goat? From what I understand, even though he may not have been the smartest DC, it seems like the players really liked him.
    Could they have seen it as the rest of us did, Reid trying to find a way to save his job? And then (consciously or subconsciously) decided to get back at him by having no heart?
    I haven’t heard that anywhere else, and the more I think about it, the more sense it seems to make.

  3. anyone that thinks andy should or would ever be fired during the season is a moron
    say what you want about the guy buts hes been here for 15 years and won a shitload of games…..he deserves to finish it out
    furthermore him and lurie are super close and always will be…lurie would never embarrass him by firing him during the year nor should he

  4. Andy should be fired today. We just lost to a 2 win team. I understand that there are injuries and all that, but before last night, there were no injuries on the defensive side of the ball, which gave up yet another 30 point game. It’s not that fans expect an interim coach to do better. In fact, I am pretty sure they will keep losing either way. It’s about Lurie showing the fan base that he actually gives a fuck about the constant losing and embarrassment and that if you don’t do your job, you will get fired. No one can save this team this year, but Lurie might want to acknowledge a fan base that is more and more convinced that all he cares about is $$$. That said, I think we are stuck with Reid until the end of the season.

  5. Why would anyone even bother showing up for this press conference? Lurie is really torturing this man and the city. Pull the plug already!

  6. I like that the press conference backdrop says “Ricoh. Imagine Change.” Nice product placement. (Although I assume that’s been the sponsor all year, it seems extra relative today)

  7. Is anybody, including Kyle actually surprised that Reid WASN’T canned? Look, that is NOT going to happen until AFTER the season ends—-PERIOD! Get used to it, people, you’ll feel better.
    While you, me, the fans, the media, maybe even the players would see firing Reid today as a mercy killing, Jeff Lurie would view that as disrespecting a man who’s been loyal to him for fourteen years, hell, Lurie might even think he’d humiliate Reid if he didn’t allow him to finish the season. Like I posted last week when Kyle had his panties in a bunch after Reid wasn’t gassed following the Washington debacle, Lurie, as hands off as an owner gets, has never fired a coach during the season, and it’s clear he’s not going to change his philosophy now, not even with the season having deteriorated into such a colossal train wreck.
    Besides, even if Reid did get the chop now, what good would that do? Short answer: NOTHING. The team would still stink like yesterday’s diapers, regardless of who’s at the helm. Best to just let this slow motion tragedy play itself out over the remaining five weeks, then blow the whole goddamn thing to kingdom come in January.

  8. Think positive, Eagles fans.
    Reid and his staff are guaranteed to be gone at the end of this season.
    Bryce Brown looks like a decent bigman RB with good speed, hopefully a real coaching staff can teach him how to protect the rock.
    Our defense may very well suck for the next 2 years but at least 90% of these frauds won’t be returning next season.
    Foles might not be as shitty as he looks right now. The guy is being tutored (aka slowly poisoned) by Doug Pederson on the finer points of running a moronic Mornhinweg/Reid offense behind the likes of King Dunlap.
    Light at the end of the tunnel, folks.
    No one mentioned genius DeSean almost getting an unsportsmanlike on the first play of the game?

  9. They need to get rid of him ASAP. He has been enabling this raping long enough. They got rid of JoePa for less.

  10. What is the point of firing Andy at this point? There is no viable interim coach that could audition for the head coaching job next season. Just let it play out and give the high draft pick to next season’s coach.

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