Jason Babin Doesn’t Like the “Vile” Things He Hears from Fans

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Hey, look who’s whining again. Here’s a hint: it has greasy hair, tribal tats, and hasn’t touched a quarterback in over a month.

No, not Angelina Jolie (though she might play a more effective defensive end than our answer). 

Jason Babin!

Speaking to reporters today, Babin once again had something to say about fans, who had something to say to him on Sunday.

Here are his thoughts on the oh-so-vile things he heard on Sunday: [Delco Times]

"I just thought there's no place for that in the NFL. None whatsoever. I mean just some of the foul things they were saying. Yeah, I'm going to be protective of Coach Reid, Coach Wash (Jim Washburn) and my teammates. It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that kind of stuff. But what are you going to do." 

"I don't even want to repeat what I heard. It's that bad. And I've got a pretty high threshold for adult jokes." 


I’m not big on acronyms, but so as to not offend Jason: STFU!

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  1. Worry about football. Not the fans, you fuckstick. That’s why you were a bust and that’s why you suck now. Fuck off.
    We really know how to sign guy with the best character, don’t we?

  2. Strange. I was just getting ready to post “Kyle, no Babin post?” in the Sixers thread. I was shocked that you didn’t post about him in 3 days considering how obsessed/attracted to him you are.

  3. Jason Babin. an example of an athlete who is completely removed, distanced and out of touch with the city he plays in.

  4. It’s easy to love a guy when he’s producing. He’ll I’d like Hitler if he was pulling 20+ sacks a year and 40+ tackles.

  5. The dude challenged our loyalty? We’re loyal enough to watch them week in and week out with a handful of guys who just show up to collect their over-inflated paychecks. We’re spend all week waiting for the game and we’re passionate about EVERYTHING and there should be no question of our loyalty…I’d expect somebody to tell me I suck at doing my job when I am and praise me when I’m doing well. This team needs desperately needs a fire under it’s ass and I’m surprised that the action taken by these colossal men, is to whine about the fans (who indirectly pay them their outlandish contracts) who want to see the team they grew up watching, live and die for 16 (sometimes more) weeks a year succeed. The formula isn’t tough, we love people who lay it all on the line whether you’re winning or losing. Why was A.I. loved? Win or lose, you knew the dude had nothing left to give when 00:00 hit the clock, every night. I know we’re “desperate for a champion.” In reality, we’re desperate for a team that shows us the same passion we show them…whether it’s positive or negative, don’t let me feel like I’m wasting 3 hours every Sunday. He’d pound me but I’d tell him to stop wasting our time and play the f-ing game. Less talky-more sacky. Tired of these one trick ponies opening their mouth-he’d be irrelevant if Washburn didn’t run the wide 9…correction, he’s irrelevant anyway. I’m out

  6. I’ve hated Babin since he’s been here. Those sacks last year can’t account for the fact that any team could call a run play to his side and blow right by him. He’s good at one thing, running straight.

  7. I really cannot stand these players. I just can’t. It’s virtually impossible to like this team. I’ll always bleed their colors and put that logo before any person or group representing it. But the players, the coaching staff and the ownership do their best to make the fans frustrated.
    What’s a matter, Babin? Too focused on what a group of fans are screaming at you, and not enough on how you’re overpaid and playing like pure garbage? Grow a set, nancy.

  8. Well maybe if he got a sack once in a while the fans wouldnt be so angry. As once D coordinator i can tell you that Babin’s a fag, no, literally… he likes cock

  9. Is this guy serious ? Maybe he should stop dressing up in Halloween costumes and posing for hunting pics and start playing football. Does he understand that week in and week out we loyal fans support his dumb ass and we’re getting tired of getting it shoved up our ass.To be honest I cannot stand the arrogance of this franchise.

  10. Of all Babin’s many sins, surely the worst is that he can’t tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”. (See the picture accompanying this post.)

  11. I like Shady, Celek, Avante, Cox and Jenkins – that’s it.
    The rest SUCK – no heart, no dick, fuckin’ cry-babies.
    WIN assholes
    get FUCKING pissed when you lose
    at least ACT like you give a SHIT
    ‘we gotta do a better job’
    ‘I did my best’
    ‘we’re a better team than this”
    REALLY – 11-12 – that’s the DREAM TEAM and the DYNASTY
    get a clue you jag offs

  12. Calling Philly fans vile is like calling Chris Christie fat. It may be true but nothing is going to change it.
    You took the extra money to play there Babin, go earn it. Loser

  13. As a chick, I’m just offended and turned off by the stupid fucking tattoo.. Douchebag tramp stamp. His personality sucks, his politics suck, and he whines more than i do. Like, how hard is it to just do ur job, play hard, keep ur fucking mouth shut, and appreciate the obscene amounts of money you make to do nothing while ppl are losing evetything in nj. rant over. Back to the kitchen

  14. Wow, an NFL lineman with huge tattoo covered muscles is complaining like a 3 year old over insults? Breaks my heart. And coming from the same guy who was calling fans stupid in the offseason, it doesn’t carry much weight. The guy is a classless whiny piece of shit and is the kind of player that makes this team unlikable. Eat shit Jason.

  15. his stupid ass stance was “cute” last year racking up garbage time sacks. Babin is a bum and it’s too bad management is also out of touch with us.

  16. Well, I’m not liking the vile things I’m watching from this miserable team, so we’re even.

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