Uselessness: Jason Kelce’s Sweet Mustache, Max Talbot Rapels from Building


Jason Kelce is done for the year, meaning his beard has lost whatever imagined powers it had in helping the Eagles out to a 2-0 start this year. So, he shaved it (for charity, of course). Now he is the early leader for Movember with, well, this:

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 8.54.00 AM

 Photo courtesy HHR

Beautiful. Sadly, that may be the most likable thing about the Eagles right now… the mustache of an IRed center. Cool. 

Meanwhile, in other non-playing news, Max Talbot rappelled from a Center City building today:

via CSN's Sarah Baicker

It was all part of a stunt for the Preston and Steve Show to raise money for the Philadelphia Outward Bound program. Later today, Mayor Nutter will do the same thing.

Go Sixers.

Video of Kelce shaving his beard, after the jump.

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  1. Candy and Lenny are the same person, right? There’s no way that there are two people that are both as unoriginal and humorless as these two. They’re comments are always so “shocking”.

  2. They just both suffer from severe inferiority complexes, which lead to them creating commenter personas in sad hope of achieving internet fame on a sparsely read local sports blog.

  3. Need some hot stove action on this site.
    BTW I’ll fuck anyone & stick my 2 by 4 up Sarah Baicker’s twat

  4. Gotta love the knuckledraggers here who post such infantile nonsense on this site and then delude themselves into thinking what they typed is actually funny. Newsflash, boys, it’s not. Meanwhile, Kelce now looks like the W.B. Mason man on steroids.

  5. Candy Oak cracks me the f up. Don’t listen to the no bathroom humor homo sexual’s candy. Stay Stong Homie!

  6. Funny how every time someone criticizes Candy/3 Penises for Lunch Lenny a bunch of first time posters rise up to defend them. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

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