Jerry Jones was Briefly Locked Out of the Cowboys Locker Room Last Night

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Fun performed (quite well) on Saturday Night Live. And you know what else was fun this weekend? The Dallas Cowboys falling apart even more grotesquely than the Eagles.

The Falcons, once again playing the role of organization destroyer, beat the Cowboys, 19-13, last night. After the game, Jerry Jones was reportedly locked out of his team’s locker room. Matt Barrie of NBC in Dallas, via Pro Football Talk:

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It wasn’t intentional (allegedly) and Jones eventually made his way in: []

Barre joined "NFL AM" on Monday morning to confirm the story, noting that Jones eventually made his way into the locker room to field questions from reporters. That makes sense. After all, Jones is master and commander of the Cowboys. All of this is his. He's not a man you leave on the outside looking in.


That's fun.

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11 Responses

  1. that just means more $$ thrown at sean payton since garret will be canned a la glory hole

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious! And if anyone thinks Jerry was locked out unintentially, I’ve got some primo beachfront property in Montana you might be interested in. Meanwhile, the only thing falling apart more grotesquely than the Cowsluts is Jerry’s facelift. He’s starting to look like that Nazi creep in the black suit from Raiders of the Lost Ark after his face melted away.

  3. In the 90s the Cowboys were at the Vet, and Jones barged into the towel room by mistake…the staff was startled for a second, and Jones said ” Don’t get up fella’s if I could I’d be in here with you guys, cause I am fuucked up”

  4. “Fun” is absolutely awful dude. You hate on Led Zep but give Fun a positive mention? Minus 10 points sir, stick to sports.

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