Jon Gruden Mobbed by Eagles Fans at Airport, is (Allegedly) Interested in Coaching Again

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Reader Christian sent along this photo, allegedly taken Tuesday morning, of Jon Gruden at the New Orleans airport, where he was "mobbed" by Eagles fans.

You can imagine what came up:

Coach Gruden is mobbed by Eagles fans begging him to come back through Philly. Really nice and friendly with everyone. Basically was told that he needs to come back to Philly. He joked you already kicked me out before? Took pictures and answered questions.


Credit to Chucky for humoring what was likely a few dozen angry-hangovered Eagles fans at 9 a.m., but it doesn’t sound like he was willing to answer the question: Would you want to coach the Eagles?

Charlie Campbell of may have done that for him.

According to this report, Gruden is, not surprisingly, considering coaching again. He’s also, apparently, eyeing potential staff members. One of them? A Juanderful choice.

One coach that Gruden is said to be interested in is fired Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. The long-time Eagles assistant was on the same staff with Gruden in Philadelphia under former head coach Ray Rhodes. Castillo was an offensive assistant and tight ends coach while Gruden was the offensive coordinator. Following Gruden's departure for Oakland, Castillo remained to work under Andy Reid as a tight ends coach, offensive line coach and defensive coordinator. Reid and Gruden have also coached together, and Castillo carries a significant endorsement from Reid. 

Sources have said that Gruden's return to coaching is dependent on it being a perfect situation. He isn't interested in smaller-market teams like those he has coached at previously. Gruden wants a big-market team with good ownership and some talent on the roster. Thus, teams like Dallas, Philadelphia and the New York Jets could be potential landing spots if they make a change. 


That’s a fairly vague, and somewhat obvious. And I’m mostly unfamiliar with Campbell’s track record. But, how goddamn hilarious would it be for Gruden to take Reid’s spot and then bring back fired defensive coordinator Castillo to coach on offense? Juan gets the laugh jaja!

Related: Reader Adam, a "business analyst" who probably spent way too much time on this email at his place of employment, doesn't want Gruden, and he did a nice job of backing up his stance. Read it after the jump.


People who want him as Head Coach are out of their God Damn minds!!! 

A quick visit to is all that is needed.

Take a look at his teams W/L records.  He had two straight good seasons with an Oakland Raiders team that was loaded with HOF veterans who were in the final chapter of their careers.  A good indication of how much a coach didn’t matter on those Oakland teams is that Bill Callahan took that very same team to the Super Bowl the year “Chucky” left.  Yes, the same Bill Callahan who went 27-22 at Nebraska and was canned after 5 subpar seasons. 

Gruden followed up those two decent years at Oakland with a 12-4 season and a Super Bowl courtesy of Tony Dungey, who was responsible for building that Buccaneers team.  Jon quickly took that team from Super Bowl Champs to back to back sub .500 seasons.  He had one last good year in ’05 when Cadillac Williams took the league by storm as a rookie and Chris Simms surprised a lot of people with his solid play. 

He then promptly when 4-12 with the same team he won 11 games with the year before.  Then people forget the HUGE mess he created at the QB position when seemingly started collecting every scrap heap veteran available.  He completely screwed over Jeff Garcia after the success he had filling in for the Eagles.  And if anyone has paid attention to the last 3+ years of MNF Jon Gruden is certifiably NUTS.  That dude is f’ing bat shit and he is the LAST person that should be replacing Andy Reid. 

I am driving the “Fire Andy” bandwagon, and I’ve been on it for years, you know this, I even sent you a re-cap of his draft picks a few years back, highlighting how terrible they were.  But if I were given the choice of keeping Reid or hiring Gruden, I’m sticking with Andy.


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  1. Dear adam…. If said gruden came into said philadelphia… and took andy reids team and won a superbowl and then left town or died april 1st would you or anyone care?
    he has only had 2 TERRIBLE seasons out of 14 coaching for the raiders and the bucs…. say what you want but they are easily 2 of the worst franchises in nfls recent history.
    in 06 with the bucs his qb was bruce gradkowski…. seriously ? cadillac was not good in 06. in 04 BRIAN FUCKING GRIESE was his qb… so lets not kill him
    so to sum this up, this guy has done nothing but taken an inherited team to a super bowl????????? soooooo you want this guy to come in and rebuild from the bottom up for 6 years instead ? what in the fuck? take them to a superbowl and who the fuck cares what happens after that…
    fuck adam

  2. Hey, “what’s that?” there’s a big difference between this Eagles team and the Bucs team from the early 00s. That Tampa Bay team actually went to the playoffs and won fucking games. This team sucks and can’t even beat the worst defense in the fucking league.

  3. The whole Gruden thing I think is entirely fan-driven. I really don’t see the Eagles front office making that move.

  4. I am a reid fan honestly… but he has ruined this team with lackluster coaching and they arent playing for him anymore. The injuries dont help… but this team is just as talented as that bucs team so dont even give me that horse shit.
    If this team sucked, noone would be getting fired and noone would be surprised that they are playing like shit

  5. @ what’s that. If he is such a fantastic coach then explain to me why he was run out of town in Tampa? And I don’t know if you have been paying attention or not, but Gruden’s track record in the draft is worst than Andy’s.
    Anyone who thinks this team is winning a super bowl with how it is currently constructed is a fucking retard. The Eagles NEED to be re-built. They have had one terrible draft after another and that is why the team is in the position it is.
    No offense line what so ever, they will have no established QB next year because Vick (or Starship 7 as that fucktard Gruden calls him) will be gone, no safeties, under performing corners and d-line.
    What about this current 3-5 team that went 8-8 last year screams Super Bowl?!? Andy ran this team into the ground and there is NOTHING about Chucky’s resume that shows he can fix it. This team needs to be rebuilt through the draft. There is ZERO depth on this current roster and still a HUGE number of holes that need to be fixed.
    Go ahead and explain to me how you expect Jon Gruden to fix this team because he won a Super Bowl almost 10 years ago with a team that was on the verge with their previous coach, not going the opposite direction…I’ll wait.
    Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl too….let’s hire him!
    Get a clue you fucking dickwad.

  6. Adam, you’re a tard. Hire Gruden for a superbowl, give him a year to try to repeat, and then fire his ass.

  7. Gruden’s son plays for Lafayette so it would make sense for him to come to Philly to coach so he could spend more time with his son.

  8. @whatsthat ” but this team is just as talented as that bucs team so dont even give me that horse shit.”
    On what planet?!? That Bucs team sported on of the greatest defenses EVER. They had a ridiculous running game. That team was so loaded with talent Brad Johnson won the fucking Super Bowl with them. Where would this team be if Brad Johnson was the QB here? If it wasn’t for Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson would carry the label as the worst QB to ever with the Super Bowl.
    Hire Gruden, it will just be more of the same. Idiots.

  9. Hey I don’t care who the next coach is, I just want a new coach.
    I will root for this team for the rest of my life, even if they suck shitty assholes for a decade, as long as the coach isn’t an arrogant dickhead who acts like his shit smells like roses. The sooner Andy is gone the better.

  10. dont quite get the fascination with gruden. dont get me wrong, he is a good coach but he is not a great coach. he walked into a golden situation in tampa with its stellar defense and won a super bowl. the situation here is a far cry from that golden one. this team is in complete disarray. additionally, they just extended the boy genius as GM. that said, what marquee self-respecting coach, ie gruden, cowher, dungy, billick, etc. is going to come here and take orders from roseman? my money says gruden heads down to dallas when that pompous ass jerry jones is willing to relieve himself of GM duties.

  11. lol @TimSheckler that’s the best you can do?
    @Worley’shotpieceofass Thanks for the offer, but I’d rather not.

  12. Gruden’s not coming here. The people who say they want him are basing that solely on his perceived personality as a passionate nutjob and most likely don’t know shit about football. We need a defensive minded coach to build a strong squad who hopefully won’t consistently blow draft picks on shit linemen like fat fuck Reid has done. CAN WE FUCKING GET ONE OF THOSE, JEFF?? HUH???

  13. Adam B, internet message board tough guy. You clean your father’s taint with that mouth?

  14. This is why Filthadelphia can’t have nice things, including me as Senator.

  15. When has a coach won a SB with a team, left that team, then won with another team? It NEVER happens. EVER. Need hungry, younger guys to win.

  16. We need new blood from successful organizations like the pats, steelers, packers. Thats how you build a winner, emmulate. Whoever comes here will need to not only revamp the roster, he will also need to change the culture. IMHO We need a nasty 3-4 blitzing d, run game type of guy. it’s the perfect situation for a young guy, you have a hands off (to a fault) owner, a big market and rabid dog fans who grew up on NFC east smashmouth ball. With all the other decisions Lurie has fucked up he can’t fuck this one up can he?

  17. Hey Bozo’s, nice work this week! Now i get to lay in my undies all day and not work or pay taxes but still get unemployment! USA USA USA! Who needs a job when you have a president who is like a parent giving allowance!

  18. No to Gruden.
    People that think the Eagles are winning a Superbowl within the next 5 years are idiots.
    Let’s pick up Rex Ryan when the Jets fire him.

  19. I can’t believe how many people just started ripping on that guy Adam for the intelligent reasoning with the shit they just put to text.
    People get so enamored with coaches/analysts that are on TV/radio probably because they always see the game from a different perspective, have the benefit of instant replay, and don’t have to gameplan for anything and instead just praise/critique it.
    Gruden won with someone else’s players that were GOING TO WIN. Adam is saying the Eagles are not close to that and if you are going to rebuild than you need a coach to rebuild, which Gruden has not proven he can do.
    Just because a coach did a specific thing once doesn’t mean every team he goes to just does the same thing i.e. win then implode, so the whole “i will suffer for one super bowl” is pointless because we wont get that far
    Someone thats bitchin please tell me why Jon Gruden would be a good hire?

  20. haha im a dickwad. I never fucking said hire gruden… your reasoning against hiring him is idiotic.
    the bucs superbowl team… 1 had michael pittman at rb who is not exactly the second coming of jim brown… name some other offensive players. their d was great but the eagles d is not shabby talent wise all of you fucks picked them to have a good d.
    they can be steered towards the superbowl… that is my point

  21. When your rebuttal to my point includes “fuck Adam” yes I am going to call you a dickwad. And if my reasoning for not hiring Gruden is so terrible then why are so many people agreeing with me with actual intelligent posts? Yet the best support you’ve gotten is “yea hire Gruden! Fuck Adam”.
    Dude, if you think this current Eagles defense is even remotely close in talent to that Tampa defense you need to learn the game of football.
    Warren Sapp probable HOF
    Derrick Brooks for sure HOF
    Simon Rice All – Pro
    Rhonde Barber for sure HOF
    John Lynch All – Pro
    Name one single that is comparable to any of those players. Here I’ll help you.
    Trent Cole – best player on the defense, not great but very good and consistent.
    Jason Babin – one trick poney
    Neither of those players are on the same level Rice was on prior to getting injured.
    No need to even try to compare DTs to Sapp. He was a beast and one of the best DT ever.
    Demeco Ryans – very good player and a great pickup. Best MLB birds have had in a long time
    Derrick Brooks – one of the greatest LB ever
    Nnamdi and DRC – Nnamdi has been a HUGE disappointment and anyone who thinks different hasn’t watched a single Eagles game the last two years. DRC is an avg corner. Not great not terrible.
    Rhonde Barber – one of the greatest Corners ever.
    No need to compare Safeties because even tho Lynch was a good safety he wasn’t the best. But the Eagles safeties are terrible, fucking terrible.
    You’er way off if you think this current roster is close to being a Super Bowl team. 49ers, Packers, Bears, Falcons, and Giants are all FAR better teams then the Birds. And that’s just in the NFC.

  22. Agreed. The Bucs defense won them that Superbowl. Hands down. I think were all in agreement we just want Reid gone period. Another name that I would love to see here is Cowher

  23. I don’t see Cowher, Dungy or Billick coming here. This mess is going to take minimum 3 years to fix if absolutely everything goes right for them, and I doubt those guys would want to deal with Roseman as they handle it. And there’s no way Gruden doesn’t tell Roseman to go fuck himself after year 2.
    If Shittsburg can find a Tomlinson why can’t we?

  24. I don’t understand all this mad love for Chucky. Sure, he won a Super Bowl, but did it with Tony Dungy’s players in Tampa, NOT with a team HE assembled from whole cloth. If you ask me, I think Gruden is terribly overrated and doesn’t have the patience to rebuild a roster from scratch which is what would have to happen with the Eagles. On top of that, would Gruden want to deal a novice GM like Roseman as his boss? I don’t think so. I agree with Matt, the Birds should search for a hot, young and smart coordinator ready for the big chair, and the challenge of rebuilding this team.

  25. I’d only take Gruden if he brought an excellent d-coordinator with him. He was lucky to have Monte Kiffin in TB who was basically like a Jim Johnson, great enough to be a HC but wanted to stick to DC. To me, that is the biggest issue with Gruden. He’s too much like Reid, an offensive specialist who doesn’t know anything about defense. He would be exposed like Reid is. He’s the opposite of Rex Ryan. If Gruden could come on board and bring Rex with him as DC only (if the Jets fire his ass), then I’d be interested.

  26. There’s no way Gruden takes THIS TEAM to a SB…no way. This team is just not that good. My suggestion is to bring in some fresh blood from a GOOD college program, but please FIRE ANDY!

  27. you still are an idiot… 2 of the last 6 superbowl winners have had really good defenses.. the packers, and the steelers.
    lets not pretend that you still NEED the greatest defense of all time to win a superbowl.
    if this roster is so fucking far away from a superbowl, why did every (non negative hater type) sports writer, and most fans think that this was a playoff team? not 1 fucking person before week 1 said anything bad about the roster (maybe safety). EVERYONES concern was castillo, and reid PERIOD.
    now this fucking team is 3-5 and all of a sudden the entire team blows?
    lets go through your “hating to prove a point”
    Ryans – he has played what amounts to 5 full seasons in the league. 1 defensive rookie of the year, 2 pro bowls, and was all pro on 2 diff teams in 07. lets play facts, not what you think you see on TV.
    Cole – 5 full seasons as well, almost 6. 2 time pro bowler and a 2nd team all pro
    nmandi – 7 full seasons… 3 time pro bowler, 2 time first team all pro
    babin the last 2 seasons were his only significant time on the field has been to 2 pro bowls and 2nd team all pro
    I dont care if they are underperfoming that is the fucking reason to bring other people in… to get the best out of these underachieving idiots.
    you can be an idiot and sit there and say this team is not talented. The o-line would need work, yes, but they only REALLY need 1 lineman, that is not a huge deal. But they (no matter who is qbing) have a really good fucking offense and a lot of wasted talent on D.
    to sit and say they have no chance is completely retarded. THERE WOULD BE NO FUCKING UPROAR TO FIRE EVERYONE IF THIS TEAM WAS NOT TALENTED. AGAIN your point is stupid.
    bringing in ANY new coach (I dont care who) that could turn this team around, he would 1000000% be known as “inheriting reids team and winning a superbowl”
    I just hope it happens so I can prove your stupid ass wrong.

  28. also why was gruden run out of town ?
    O I dont know, perhaps when a team gives up 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks to get a fucking coach… 5 years would quickly deplete your already aging talent.

  29. No shit if the next coach people would say he did it with Reid’s team. That’s not my point. My arguement is that Gruden is overrated and not a good fit for the Eagles. Then you tried to compare the talent on this Eagles team to that defense from Tampa which is like comparing a Ferrari to Kia. There is not a single player on this Eagles Defense that has Canton in their future. That Tammpa team had THREE HOF locks and a potential 4th. I do think it was cute how you pointed out all passed success of those guys tho.
    Sure most people were high on this team coming into the season. But there are also a lot of rational fans like myself who weren’t buying into it.
    The 4 wins at the end of last year were against No Body QB’s, essentially giving a fools gold appeal. Yes, this team has a lot of talent and and big name players, but this roster has absolutely NO depth and major holes.
    The o-line is horrendous, and needs a lot more then just one lineman. They were terrible in pass protection last year with the entire line healthy. And Shady made them look SO much better than what they were on running plays because he turns nothing into something more than any back in the league.
    8-8 was not an abberation last year, and its proving the same this year. Again, this roster has star names, but no depth and thats due to YEARS of blown drafts.
    So let me ask this, if this team is SO close to being Super Bowl ready why can’t then even break .500? And don’t give me the injury bull shit excuse because the Packers we riddled with injures when they won the Super Bowl and then came back healthy and went 15-1 last year, and are about to go 13-3/12-4 this year.
    This football team is a undrafted free agent rookie LB dropped pick and a missed FG from being 1-7 man. They are 11-15 since the D-Jax Punt Return against the Giants. That does not scream Super Bowl man. Jon fucking Gruden isn’t going to be the difference between this team winning a Super Bowl or not. No Head Coach is enough to make a difference. The team needs to be re-built, and I’m OK with that.
    I am OK with a unheard of, young hungry guy coming in here and rebuilding this team his way. I’m OK with a few years of 6-10 if it means we have a chance to be a dominate franchise in the long run, because status-quo is a fucking waste of time. Reid, Gruden, it doesnt matter, the results will be the same and you don’t know the game of football if you think differently.
    This team has WAY to many hole to fill in one offseason.
    It’s cool man, you’re a blind loyalst, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love the Eagles as much as the next guy, but I’m not gonna sit here and pretend this team is one Crazy MNF announcer from winning the Super Bowl.

  30. your original point was that he took good teams and that was why he was successful, he didnt build a team. my point is why wouldnt you want a coach that is “known for” that ??? not that they should hire gruden, never once was that what I said.
    annnnnnnnyways, you are going to be a douchebag hater no matter what happens, you are one of these idiot fucks that thinks they know everything about football. Let me ask you this, what have you and all the people that think like you ever gotten right ?????????? lets see, there has been 1 title here probably in both of our lifetimes, and that happened with the phillies in 08. That year COUNTLESS FUCKING PEOPLE called in wip, and whatever the other annoying ass sports station is and said “MANUEL NEEDS TO GO BLAH BLAH BLAH” and I heard COUNTLESS sports writers say the words “they wont get far in the playoffs if they dont get a right handed bat, they are screwed”… guess what ?? ALL of you fucks were wrong, and they won a world series. That is the ONLY time anyone was ever “right” in this city in 32 years… and they were right by not listening to the fans.
    you fucking assholes wanted kevin kolb to start EVERY YEAR, EVERY YEAR !!! he is a piece of garbage, and is terrible… you people cried and cried when the phillies didnt trade for halladay and got cliff lee instead, and then all you fucks were pissed when they traded him.
    point is the fan base, which is exactly what your opinion represents, because turn on WIP, or WYSP whatever the fuck it is called now, and listen to all the sheep say the exact same things you do… OVER and OVER “hey they should trade joe blanton and polanco for josh hamilton”. You fucking listen to that shit and become a sheep… I look at what actually is happening, nor do I pretend to be an NFL exec.
    back to the main point… you sit here and bluntly say “The o-line is horrendous, and needs a lot more then just one lineman. They were terrible in pass protection last year with the entire line healthy.”
    you blind fucking roob, did someone tell you that? did you read that somewhere ?? vick has been sacked in atlanta an average of 31 times a year… last year was sacked 23 times!!! this year he has been sacked twenty fucking SEVEN!!!! he did play 13 games last year, but through 8 this year he has way more. They were 5th in the league in rushing last year so the O-line sure was HORRENDOUS last year.
    I will blame injuries, they have a stud young center, who immediately makes the line better. He made that line better, as did the best tackle in the NFL. They lost their 2 best lineman at the 2 most important positions… they come back, herremans is solid, and they bring in another good lineman they can shuffle whoever they need to to fix that issue.
    last year the defense played well regardless of who the fuck they played, and they started to play well this year… you can say they are close to 1-7, they are also TWO FUCKING STOPS from 5-3, they had the lead in 2 games that this under performing D gave up
    they cant break 500 because I believe they have coaching problems, ever since they brought in all these new coaches they have under performed.. they all have this “style” aka the wide nine, and the smaller o-lineman mudd style, and they had a d coordinator with no experience. To me reid gave up a lot of things he probably used to have more of a say in, and it has backfired… they arent drafting the same o-lineman they used to draft, the d line gets eaten up with this wide nine… it just isnt working.
    the years the eagles were good they had a stud o-line and d-line… and that is why they were successful.
    you can say I am a blind loyalist, that I am not… I know this team blows, but to sit here and think every player blows and they need to rebuild is absolute insanity… these players dont just all start to suck when they get here out of pure coincidence.
    look at mcglynn and winston justice, they are (I think justice is hurt) playing well for the colts. These are guys that the eagles gave up on because they dont fit their new system that is not working.
    open your eyes… the “hater” attitude is boring, overrated, and over played. It’s fucks like you that will sit here and trash everyone on the team, and the second they come around and play well, you’ll be right back on board.

  31. also point to the time I said bring in gruden… ALL i did was say your reasoning for not bringing him in… is idiotic.
    they need coaching changes, not talent changes. sit here and say you (and this city) will put up with 6-10 seasons… and I’ll pretend to believe it.
    you fucks havent put up with 10-6 seasons….

  32. also vy was sacked 8 times, so that is 31 sacks allowed in 1 season… 27 through 8 games this year.

  33. First you are wrong about me loving Kolb. I hated him from day one. He was a terrible pick and a terrible QB. They birds traded down that year, allowed Dallas to get Anthony Spencer and then took that asshole when they needed players who could step in and help right away.
    Dude you can talk about the sack numbers all you want regarding the o-line. Then I’ll point to the sack numbers of the d-line of your toted Babin and Cole this year. DEAD LAST. The fact of the matter is this team is 11-13 the last two years.
    What tells me that the O-Line was terrible last year is that Vick was getting hit almost as much as this year. What tells me the line was bad is that Shady had to make people miss in the back field more often than not before he was able to gain positive yards. What tells me the o-line was terrible is that the rushing numbers were inflated by Vicks scrambling yards.
    These are opinions I formed myself. I’m no sheep listening to what other people tell me. That seems something more like what you are.
    11-13, no heart, no fight, no depth, glaring holes on both sides of the ball. Andy has done a terrible job with the draft as a whole over the last 5 years and the product on the field is a direct result of that.
    Oh yea…and I forgot…who THE FUCK do you expect to QB them to the Super Bowl next year? Cuz when Andy gets the boot, Vick will be right behind him.
    WIP sucks ass

  34. 11-13, no heart, no fight, no depth, glaring holes on both sides of the ball. Andy has done a terrible job with the draft as a whole over the last 5 years and the product on the field is a direct result of that.
    you just proved my point.
    heart, fight are fixed by coaching. Depth and holes are filled with the draft and FA.
    which all can theoretically be fixed for next year, with a new coach, and coaching. You dont need to rebuild to get depth and heart.

  35. Fucking retard that Pantload. Hey pantload, want to go to Chucky Cheese?? LMAO

  36. This is without doubt a site that people need to get behind. The problem is, no one wants to do a huge deal of reading and not have something else to stimulate the mind. This is the internet, after all. Maybe if you added a video or two to emphasise your point. Ill stick around, FOR SURE. But, I dont know if others will.

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