Know Your Loon: Andrew Bynum is Being Sued by “Racist” Neighbors, Who are Accusing Him of Carrying Guns, Smoking Weed, Blasting Music (and More!)

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 8.01.34 AMPic via (@dannydobbs), from last night's season ticket holder event


Send lawyers, guns and money

The loon has hit the fan 


BYNUM!!!!!!!!! The Andrew Bynum era has taken another twisted turn on the heels of this TMZ report from late last night. According to the site, Bynum and his former neighbors in Westchester, California, where the Sixers not-star still keeps a home, have each filed a lawsuit against the other. Bynum is claiming that he has been constantly harassed by Ramond and Cindy Beckett and that the couple has objected to "his profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music." He also alleges that the Becketts chipped the paint of his Ferrari by throwing coins at it and banged the side of his house with “a long stick.” Das racist.

The Becketts claim that Bynum’s lawsuit was just a way of deflecting the suit they were already preparing to file against him. They're accusing Bynum of being the neighbor from hell. Go: [TMZ]

— brandishing FIREARMS in an attempt to intimidate the Becketts 

— "apparently" using drugs and allowing weed smoke to drift next door

— blasting loud, profane rap music (including the song "Currency" by Trina)

— blasting his video games at "window-shaking volumes"

— letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood

— constantly racing his luxury cars at dangerous speeds


That also could have read: He plays in the NBA. But it’s at this time that I’d like to commend you, the reader, for your sleuthy photo work. You’ve sent us pictures of Bynum brandishing firearms…

image from

… filling up what is the presumably the Ferrari mentioned in the lawuit (the FF, which starts at $295k)…

image from

… and around video games (from a season ticket holder party held last night at Chickie’s and Pete’s Play2):

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 8.01.34 AM

That’s good work by you, hitting almost every bullet point in the lawsuit. There’s no picture of him getting high (yet), but I imagine he’d look something like this: 

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Circling back to that season ticket holder party at Play2: The Sixers had originally planned to hold the event at North Bowl (according to some readers), but moved it to Play2 at the last minute. We can’t imagine why!

image from

We’ll keep you updated on the lawsuits, which were seemingly filed a while back. The Becketts have since sold their house.

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  1. Saying “Das Racist” at the end of Bynum’s paragraph is the kind of subtle racist slime that kicks the can down the road more than blatant in your face racism.

  2. @counter productive: You are an idiot. Andrew Bynum is alleging his neighbors are racist (without any proof) because they object to loud music, loose dogs, speeding cars in the neighborhood, etc. He immediately plays the race card in a frivolous lawsuit and your major problem is the term Das Racist in an internet blog?

  3. Bored by the constant Bynum bashing. I actually want to see him play and care much less about his day to day movements

  4. I agree with TJ, that does look like the Panamera which, by the way, is ugly as hell. How in the hell does someone as tall as Bynum fit into something like that anyway?

  5. RollieFingersWingMan…A) Even though the neighbors are probably right, we still don’t know. You don’t know what proof either side has, including his claims of them being racist, so I don’t know where you get off saying theres no proof.
    B)Thats not even the point…Given the spelling and italics, I’d imagine if this were spoken word, he’d have said “Das Racist” as if he were an incomprehensible thug. You wanna debate Bynums claim to racism, as you are, fine. Not a problem at all. But why bother with the insulting imitation? What does that do? What purpose does that have other than to subtly take a shot at how some black people talk? Im not even saying that he meant it to be racist, but its an example of how dangerous and insipid that kind of talk is. So is your automatic conclusion that Bynum is the one in the wrong and the white family are the victims. Whatever…You’re probably just going to accuse me of reverse racism anyway, which is just as retarded.

  6. “the couple has objected to his profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music.”
    I’m on the couple’s side.

  7. Only 38% of african-american children live with both biological parents so it’s not his fault

  8. With as many times as Kyle’s recycled that shooting range photo, I never realized it was at a shooting range.

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