Bradley Cooper Stopped by Eagles Practice Today

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 6.47.34 PMPhoto: Eagles

Bradley Cooper swung by Eagles practice today as he continued his media blitz for Silver Linings Playbook and, well, of course he took a picture with Riley Cooper. Hair FTW!


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  1. Don’t know why Bradley would want to waste his time visiting a bunch of gutless heartless no talent pussies.

  2. allrightythen,
    I would say its racist if we didn’t say that those honkies look like apes.

  3. That’s nice can Bill Parcells visit next and get rid of all the stupid guys for us

  4. I fingered Bradley in his green puke riddled asshole that morning…it made my 1 inch penis erect.

  5. if he is a true eagles fan i hoped he expressed his anger with the team in an up close and personal manner… hope he told dumlap that he is 1000% pussy.

  6. Hollywood. In the movie “Invincible” the equipment manager was an old African American. In reality, it was Rusty Sweeney…a red headed Irish guy.
    artistic liscense brought to you by Disney.

  7. Don’t ever bring up the movie Invincible again. It sucked and Wahlberg is a Boston cocksucker. Thanks.

  8. Can’t help but bring up Invincible since the Eagles played a clip of it during the game Sunday, it was laughably bad

  9. This idiot annoys me more than girls at the game pretending to enjoy it. His mother lives in Brigantine, NJ and should be directing his efforts and money helping the town get back on its feet. I also spoke to a plumber who said he beat him for like $1,800 bucks. He’s a sellout loser just like the Eagles, so this post suits him well. Abington nerd.

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