Michael Vick Texts Sal Pal, Says He’s “Ready to Make a Playoff Run”

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Michael Vick held onto his phone long enough to fire out a few text messages. 

First, QB 7 texted Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane: “It’s great to know I have the support of my coach. It’s driving me to work harder and remain focused to help this football team win games.”

Perhaps Pro Football Talk had the best reaction to that communiqué: Maybe self-delusion and sarcasm is easier via text, because after being left to twist in the wind for half a week, what the Eagles and coach Andy Reid put Vick through hardly seems like support. 

The delusion showed up again in a text to Sal Pauolaslasnoasnaotnoaoatatotonio. Here’s what Vick had to say to Sal Pal: "Ready to make a playoff run. One play at a time. One game time."

One game at a time, six times. The Eagles would have to finish at least 6-3 (to get to 9-7). It’s possible, but not likely. Not with the way the Eagles have been playing.

So many times Andy Reid has turned around a lost season with late-season runs. And the Eagles almost found their way into the playoffs last year. So, 3-4 certainly isn’t an insurmountable record to overcome. But I can’t help thinking that Sunday’s loss was the unofficial end of the Reid era– storm moving in, empty seats, embarrassing loss. If Christopher Nolan had directed that movie and been given access to a newly discovered palette of grey hues with which to film, the scene still couldn’t have been more perfectly dreary for that mess. Though Bane blowing up the field would have added something, I guess.


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  1. Sorry Mike, I wasn’t before and I’m still not a believer. This team is toast, it may not be all your fault but you’re not a winner and never will be.

  2. God I hope he has like 6 turnovers on Monday and our defense gets their collective asshole reamed… FU Andy

  3. Although, I don’t even think Bane could lift Reid up over his heads and break him over his knees…

  4. Playoffs? Guy is talking about playoff runs…what a fucking joke. They can barely win a game. Can we just stop losing first? This team SHOULD be something like 1-6 or 0-7 right now. The fact that they’re 3-4 is a blessing.
    I present people’s exhibit A:
    If you read that and think this guy should still be the Eagles starting QB, then I want to know where you get your weed at.

  5. Sal Paolantonio* Not sure why it’s funny to rip the mans name. He is our only ally at the WWL. Kyle Scotteatalottadick?

  6. My friend works at the bursar’s office at villanova. I asked her to look up “Kyle Scott” in the system. Nothing. Did you really go to villanova?

  7. Not saying this will happen nor do I think there is a 1% chance of it happening but…
    What if the Eagles won the Super Bowl this year?
    Randy his real name is not Kyle Scott…you can find previous posts with his real name in the comment section if he has not deleted them yet…

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