No, The Eagles Won’t Fire Andy Reid This Week

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For some unknown and unholy reason, the Eagles aren’t going to fire Andy Reid this week, according to a report by Les Bowen in today's Daily News:

A high-ranking team source told the Daily News it was not, that Reid will coach the Eagles next Monday night against the Carolina Panthers.

Told during the game that fans want to hear from team chairman Jeffrey Lurie, their 3-7 team having dropped six games in a row in increasingly ugly fashion, a team spokesman said Lurie was unlikely to speak Sunday. He didn't say anything about Monday.


Jeffrey Lurie is a goddamn coward. We all know he’s loyal to Reid and doesn’t want to embarrass his long-time coach. But keeping Reid around is 100% counterintuitive for a guy completely and sometimes needlessly obsessed with image and media coverage of his team. It’s not about wins and losses anymore, it’s about saving face. Reid’s presence on the sidelines has become the most public symbol of the Eagles’ unwillingness to change. 

For Reid’s sake, firing him mid-season would likely save on a lot of heartache. And firing him now, during Thanksgiving week, would save the Eagles from some negative press. Not much– some.

But no, Lurie will be stubborn to the end. Non-existent, even. He’ll continue to be absent from the sidelines before games, continue to decline requests from the media. Yet his customers, us fans, literally hate his product right now. Hate the coach. Hate the players. Hate him.

An example of the hate? Reader Ryan sent me a letter that he is sending to Lurie. I’m generally not a fan of these open letter things, but this isn’t a made-for-page-views, fire the coach type of thing… it’s a real letter, from a paying customer, to Lurie:

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 8.22.33 AM
Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 8.22.33 AM

I wouldn’t hold your breath, Ryan.


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  1. makes bo gosh darn sense to keep that pos coaching. fire him out of compassion,at least.
    I’m so mad

  2. hahaahah yeah Jeff is def loling at Ryan’s letter, all the way to the bank. hahahahaahhahaha

  3. Dear Ryan,
    Thank you for your passionate tears and money. Other than that, I owe you no response because if it’s not you or the 68,531 sitting with you, I have a waiting list about 40 years long. You are replaceable. In other words, if it’s not you paying for a ticket, asshole, it will be someone else. Letters from fans like you are the reason I will alway be rich.
    Truly yours,
    “Mister” Lurie

  4. For who? For what? Just so Lurie can show he’s the boss? What will it accomplish? The season is off the rails. Bringing in Marty Mornhinweg to be lame-duck head coach doesn’t solve anything and it doesn’t help anything. I guess it allows you to start bringing in candidates to interview a couple of weeks earlier? Other than that, I just don’t see the point other than bloodlust. I understand the frustration but it just doesn’t make any sense.

  5. as much as it would be nice to see, it does us no good to fire reid now. We’re not turning this thing around so who cares? Everyone knows he will be gone at the end of the year so let him finish it out, hopefully not win any more games so we get a top 5 pick and can draft matt barkley.

  6. Also I agree with what Brad said about Reid giving us the best chance to lose, which is what we want at this point because it gives us a better draft pick (though I do NOT want Barkley, who like almost all USC QBs is way overrated.)

  7. That letter from Ryan is a fucking joke.
    Calm down dude. “Allowing your franchise to continually lose football games” …Have you seen the franchise’s performance within the past 10 years, Ryan?
    95% of all other NFL Franchises would love to have what this team achieved over the past decade. Hell, a Cleveland Browns Fan would sacrifice his first born child for 5 years of what we had.

  8. Why woud you fire Andy Reid right now? This article is a waste of time. Eveybody wants him out the door after the season, but right now? So he could go crawl away and hide and not have to deal with the problem he’s created? What better punishment then making him endure 7 more weeks of press conferences. Ease up little buddy. It’s a football game and not the end of the world. And the dude who wrote the letter needs to get laid. Actually, you both need to get laid.

  9. Oh, and also… For all the Delco readers out there, here’s an analogy of the current Andy Reid Firing scenario that you can relate to:
    Lurie is holding off firing Reid until the end of the season, just like your parents held off getting a divorce until you graduated high school. They owed it to you to play out the marriage until you moved out of the house and into college. There was too much history and too much invested between them to move on so abruptly mid-higschool…. or mid-season in this case.

  10. It’s time. I’d fire Reid and Marty. I’d make Washburn the interim coach. Let Bowels coach the D and hell let Deuce run the offense. It couldn’t possibly be any worse than this.
    Top 5 pick here we come!

  11. sheckler, that is the same lame attitude as many fans of other franchises. Oh we’ve been good for 10 years but we havent won a superbowl. Its not good enough to make a playoff run only to fall short. This franchise has NEVER won a superbowl. When a team goes into the season the goal is THE SUPERBOWL. Not to have a winning record. In that regard the last ten years have been an utter failure. I am not saying andy isnt a good coach, he is just burnt out. I think he can go on to have lots of success elsewhere, and i hope he does. Reid Isnt a bad guy, but for the future of the franchise a change has to be made. The sooner this change is made the sooner they can start interviewing candidates for the job. As for interim coaches, it doesnt matter this season is dead. Get mohrninweg to finish the year as head coach and then let everyone go at end of the season.

  12. I’m just making a point that for a decade we were really fucking good, that’s all. We didn’t win super bowls, but we had lots of great playoff games and great football to watch during that era.
    I’m not making excuses, Andy needs to be gone after this year. I’m just looking at the fact that being a fan of many other NFL teams during this era would have been much worse.

  13. Who would you replace Reid with? Mornhinweg is just like Reid. I think bowels got set up to fail from the beginning. You can’t draft a qb in the top five because none are very good. Draft manti teo from notre dame to fill out the linebackers and try to trade for a second pick and get a lineman. The line will be better next year with peters, kelce, and heramens back. Cut babin, cole, and Jenkins and start graham, curry, and cox next year. We can be good next year but we shouldn’t contend for at least 2 years.

  14. Replacing Andy won’t make a difference unless the next coach starts off the first practice by shooting Nnamdi and Dunlap in the back of the head in front of the team.
    Also, that next coach will need to be 350 pounds because he’s going to have to suit up and block for Foles.

  15. C’mon, Kyle! Are you really surprised that Andy Reid’s not going to get the chop this week? Newsflash, homeslice, it ain’t happening next week either! Jeff Lurie has NEVER interferred with the football operation (i.e. fired a head coach in midseason) since he’s owned the team, not even during the worst period of the swan songs of Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes, and he’s not about to start now. Get used to it.
    What’s more, after fourteen years of Reid’s monstrously intolerable arrogance, of his treating the fans like shit on the soles of his shoes because he thought he was the smartest man in the NFL, it’s only fitting that he be made to finish this season’s death march and suffer right along with everyone else who bleeds Eagles green. If anything, it’s delightful to finally see all the hubris brutally knocked out of Reid, exposing him on the nationwide stage as the clueless buffoon we’ve seen him as being for the last several years.
    Bottom line, the season’s a complete disaster and no one can save it, you could reincarnate Vince Lombardi and even he’d fail to do anything with this kennel of mutts. Better to just let this horror show play itself out, blow it all to hell come January and start over from scratch. As for Reader Ryan, two words: Stop. Whining.

  16. I’m sure Eagles fans will be cool with 2-4 years of losing seasons to rebuild. I mean, they are the smartest fans in the league, right? Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Hilarious.

  17. Firing Reid at this point in the season, although hard to believe, would be additional embarassment for Lurie. He’d have to go in front of the media and admit he fucked up twice, once now and then again at the press conference for the hiring of the next guy. He’d also have to officially shitcan the interim coach at some point, which may be a 3rd opportunity for a media asskicking. Why would he put more heat on himself? why would he do that? He wouldn’t. He doesn’t care if Ryan renews his tickets, everyone in Philly is on the waiting list.

  18. Kyle, it doesn’t matter who replaces Andy?
    Are you kidding me?
    Andy and Marty are the same guy! If not, Marty is worse because he directly calls the offensive, pass happy plays!!!!!!

  19. Jeff should do the right thing and send Andy home to be with a grieving family during the holidays

  20. By the way, that stadium on Monday night is going to be BUMPIN’ with loud music. lol
    Zeiger. What a dick bag.

  21. About time u clowns start directing the venom at lurie. Enough with the fire reid shit. Everybody knows he needs to go. You all called that right years ago. Now just focus on lurie

  22. I am tired of hearing everyone saying “now we know what its like to be a Browns fan” or “we are lucky that we had X amout of good seasons”. That’s complete bullshit. They Eagles have sold out every game for as long as I can remember and they spend the money that it takes to put a good product on the field. They just hire the wrong coaches and front office personnel. Lurie needs to clean house. Howie is the #1 problem at this point.

  23. The Eagles haven’t won a game since EDP left Philly. The guys at Barstool Sports are to blame for this.

  24. I want Mike McCoy (Broncos OC) as our new coach. He went from that Kyle Orton passing all the time…to that Tebow Peyton. Changed his philospohy and play calling to match his players strengths. Something we havent had in years.

  25. “After the 2008 season, Mike McCoy was hired to be the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Denver Broncos. In 2009, then-Broncos QB Kyle Orton enjoyed a career year under McCoy, posting career highs in virtually every passing category. The following year, the Broncos passing attack ranked seventh in the NFL, and Orton ranked fourth in the league in passing yards per game. McCoy revamped the Broncos offense in 2011 to accommodate Tim Tebow’s skill-set, and the Broncos led the NFL in rushing”

  26. I love letters to ownership. Like they really give a shit. Someone in line behind you will buy your tickets and pay $8 a beer on game days. No worries.

  27. Donald Caputi, I’d like to put my wangalangadingdong in your Caputi! If you know what I mean! Call me hot stuff!

  28. While my NY Giants are poised to make another deep playoff run your pathetic Philadelphia Eagles are poised to join the exclusive 10losses or more club(LOL).

  29. Lurie’s bank account is new money. The Rooney’s and Modell’s of the NFL know to be successful you surround yourself with successful people.
    Scouting is to blame as well.
    Delco Rules, Sheckler.
    Kyle….call Giroux and tell him to quit fuckin around…..

  30. I want him to stay thru the season as rooting for him to lose the rest of the games is the only fun I’ll have as an Eagles fan this year.

  31. While my NY Giants are poised to make another deep playoff run your pathetic Philadelphia Eagles are poised to join the exclusive 10losses or more club(LOL).
    Posted by: RangersYankeesKnicksNYGiantsFan | November 19, 2012 at 12:05 PM
    LOL. This guy added the Knicks into his name now because their are 6-1 or w.e their record is.

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