Now Michael Vick Thinks the Eagles are Playing Politics with His Concussion

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I feel like the Joker– watching the Eagles burn. 

According to a report by Jordan Raanan of, which cites ESPN’s Ed Werder (can’t find anything from Werder himself), Michael Vick believes that the Eagles are playing politics with his return from concussion so that Nick Foles can get more burn as the starter: []

Word has leaked via ESPN's Ed Werder that "Vick thinks he's being the victim of politics" as he tries to return from a concussion. The injured quarterback is about to miss his third straight game with the injury. He did not pass the ImPACT test this week.


That last part is important. If there’s something to this (take it with a grain of salt for now), Vick is essentially saying that whichever league-approved doctor that didn’t clear him to play this week is a liar. He’s also accusing Andy Reid and the Eagles of forcing him off the field, and that won’t end well. 

Vick has actually handled himself very well these past two seasons, so seeing reports of him making this sort of accusation against the Eagles comes as a bit of a surprise. There might be something to it, but it’s hard to imagine their methods would consist of rigging his concussion tests.

One reader suggested we give the Eagles the tagline I had previously assigned to the Mets: America’s Car Accident. But no. Let’s tweak it– The Eagles: America’s Car Fire.

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This town deserves a better class of football team.

UPDATE: The Eagles, of course, deny this. Rick Burkholder says there's "no conspiracy" and that results are sent to Pittsburgh. Complete BS.


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  1. If I was him, why the heck would I want to come back? I’d fake a headache from now till January and then magically feel 100%.

  2. Why wouldn’t he want to play Ruben? He’s set to lose 16 million by getting cut by the Eagles. He needs to make money somewhere else next year and has about a month to prove to other teams that he isn’t a washed up and useless turnover machine…

  3. Wait, so you’re telling me that I can have THE Michael Vick after his huge amount of turnovers and a concussion? What was that? He’s going to get concussed again this season? Great! Let’s sign him ASAP! Wait, does he slide yet? No? Still divebombing his head into the turn for no real reason? Ok, then yeah, sign his ass.”

  4. Personally I couldn’t care less about Vick but the reality is that if the Eagles were 6-5 and Foles had just shit the bed the way he has the last two weeks, Vick would have passed his concussion test with flying colors to be on the field v Dallas. Not sure why Vick wants on teh field right now anyway. Clearly the NFL teams don’t give a shit about concussions but they do care about knee injuries. He will get signed next season coming off a concussion, not a torn ACL. Just rest the melon and chill out.

  5. If it were not for the Eagles, Michael Vick would not be a starting QB in the NFL with another fortune. He should never say a bad word about this team. How quickly he forgets.

  6. Why is this even being reported? There are no specifics of the story, just second hand “facts”. I’ll cite Ed Werder (with nothing to back it up) and say that Andy Reid is actually a robot that’s controlled by a little man inside of him. Prove me wrong!!

  7. The #1 way to get yourself cut by the Eagles? Take a shot at the organization.
    Atta boy Vick. Talk your way out of that $16 mil you’d get by sticking around another year. Dope.

  8. *****
    All Eagles fans are advised to lock up their dogs and any jumper cables they might have until this blows over

  9. This is too easy. The Eagles just have to use a baseline test from somebody with half a brain, he’ll never pass that. Are you out of Goodnite pull ups Kyle? Mommy can get you some on the way home tonight.

  10. Just spoke to Ed, turns out that this is purgatory and we’re all dead (citing an anonymous source).

  11. Okay, I understand why Vick’s allegedly whining, he knows he’s done in Philly after the season ends, so he desperately needs to get back on the field so he can audition for his next employer, but saying that “politics” is keeping him off the field is patently ridiculous. If anything, the Eagles are actually doing Vick a favor since putting him behind the five turnstiles that’s currently our offensive line will only get him concussed again, or worse. What’s more, since the Eagles were the only team to take a chance on Vick after he got out of prison smacks of disloyalty to me. America’s Car Fire? Yeah, that works.

  12. This is how ridiculous modern day reporting has become. Some no-name reporter drops an ‘exclusive’ by dropping a nationally known name with a single undisclosed source that the nationally known name hasn’t even disclosed formally yet.
    Jordan Ranaan’s stuff sucks on the Eagles including his lame posts on Bleeding Green Nation.

  13. Guy should be happy it’s not him behind that o-line.
    He’ll still get picked up next year. Look at all the worse starting QBs out there.

  14. Won’t believe a word of this until it’s confirmed by people other than a blogger and some dickbag from

  15. Dog killer is no longer relevant, fuck him. His act is old and played out. He’s been exposed. The worst thing that could happen now is for the eagles to win a game. Let him slink away to obscurity with that fat bearded fiance in peace. Vick fans (you know who you are, we know who you are) give it up, the guy has made millions on hype and a great college career for far to long. He’s the black Doug Flutie. Commence with the tanking, post haste!!! Draft picks people, it’s all about draft picks.

  16. “This town deserves a better class of football team.”
    Quite possibly the best line I’ve ever read on this site. Props Kyle.

  17. Vick deservers 1 more year with a real coach. He’s perfect for chip Kelly’s offense. Restructure his contract on the cheap

  18. I wonder if a concussed nigga can be cut by an NFL team? If he goes into the offseason with concussion side effects, can the birds even cut him? If so, Jesse Jackson will surely be around.

  19. Chip Kelly can’t run that offense in the NFL.
    Michael Vick is done no matter who his coach is.
    The guy is a clown that can’t read defenses, call correct audibles or go through his progressions. Two of those three happen before the ball is even snapped, so you can’t blame the bad offensive line on those failings in his game.
    Not to mention, he had one of the best O lines in football last year and was still mediocre.

  20. @Candy from the Oak, give it up. Your act is tired. I challenge you to go a week without mentioning:
    1 – The Reid kids
    2 – Briere’s fat son
    3 – Babin’s wife’s shit stains
    And, begin…………..

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