Peter King Thinks Sean Payton Could Be The Next Eagles Coach

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In case you haven’t heard, suspended coach Sean Payton had his contract extension with the Saints voided by the league. There was a clause in there that allowed Payton to walk away from the contract if general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended or left the team. Czar Goodell didn’t like that. So, as of now, Payton doesn’t have a contract for next year. And while it’s likely that he would stay with the Saints and owner Tom Benson, to whom he is very close, there’s a chance Payton could go elsewhere after the season… like Dallas, where has a home… or Philadelphia. Phil Sheridan hinted at the latter possibility in his column today. Sport Illustrated’s Peter King took it to a new level with this:

That leaves New Orleans, Dallas and Philadelphia. If Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fires Andy Reid at the end of the season, Payton, who coached quarterbacks in Philly in 1997 and '98, would be intriguing to him, and I believe Lurie would try hard to get him. It's a Lurie kind of move, trying to head off Dallas at the pass and take the kind of jump with a playoff-ready team that would give them a chance to break out of their recent malaise. 


I’d take that. Jon Gruden seems to be the fan favorite as Reid successor, but Payton, too, has a Super Bowl ring, and he has coached in the NFL as recently as last year. Gruden, despite being in the MNF booth, hasn’t coached in the league since 2009.  

Thus begins the Eagles' mythical coaching search… while the team prepares to play its eighth game of the season tonight.

More on Payton's odd situation on ESPN


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  1. I could see a scenario where Reid steps down as coach(saves face somewhat) stays on as upper management, and hire Payton.

  2. Lmao, please not Gruden. He took Dungy’s team to a SB title and proceeded to do jack shit after that.

  3. tfor3: I’m not the least bit fond of that scenario. When Reid is finally relieved of his duties as head coach, I want him GONE, and I mean ALL the way gone! I don’t want him in the front office, the Novacare Complex, the janitor’s office at the Linc or anywhere else that has anything to do with the Eagles. I want him completely out of sight, out of mind!
    Henry: Don’t count on that happening. Jerry Jones is almost certain to set his sights on Sean Payton who, unlike Reid, actually won the Super Bowl. As for Fat Andy, when he gets the ax, chances are he’ll head west to replace Norv Turner in San Diego.

  4. “with” whom he is close, when you’re close to someone it’s literally in three dimensional space, when you’re close with someone it is an intrapersonal relationship

  5. And exactly what playoff-ready team is he referring to? I’m not a huge Reid fan but the guy has coached a lot of games and won a lot of games here. If this was a playoff-ready team I’m pretty sure Reid could get them there. Is it time for a change? Absolutely. It was time for a change a few years ago. But lets nto pretend like this a team that should be going to the playoffs.

  6. Andy would never coach Dallas he won’t deal with Jerry Jones…no self-respecting coach wants to deal with that.
    I have no problem with Reid in a front office role. His problem has never been building a roster, it has been his in game play-calling/scheming that has been his undoing for the most part.
    I don’t see Andy coaching anywhere else after this. He’ll get a cushy desk job or take his Walrus act to television.
    I guess I wouldn’t mind Payton here. We could do much worse? How much would Brian Billick cost? I’m a big fan. This all assuming that they continue to tank and Reid leaves…you just never know.

  7. enough with these washed up coaches who won a superbowl 10 years ago. need to find some new young blood. someone who actually gives a shit still.

  8. why would I leave New Orleans. where I won a super bowl and have one of the best QB in the game and the city loves me. leave all of that to come here to coach this team in philly! YEAH OK lol

  9. Playoff ready? HAHAHAHA
    Reid’s problem has never been building a roster? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    3-5 after tonight sheep. I LOVE IT!

  10. Reid’s problem has never been building a roster?
    You’re fucking retarded.

  11. It hasn’t. He has built some really good teams here. He just can’t manage a game for shit. You don’t get to all those title games without talent.

  12. I think Vic Fangio would take the Eagles to a dynasty. Especially if Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman came over with him.

  13. Just like Fresh said it and for the last time Gurden won a SB wtih Dungy’s talent. When he had to restock the team in TB he failed. Horribly. WE DO NOT WANT GURDEN HERE!! Will be worse then our current set up.

  14. I don’t really give a fuck who the next coach is just as long as he arrives before next preseason.

  15. I wish people would stop saying Gruden Cower Gruden Peyton Gruden Gruden Gruden….
    Gruden is getting paid 5 mil a year to bullshit on tv and live a stress free life where he doesn’t have to worry about anything except for weather he should wear pants to work. You think he’s leaving that? Lets use our brains kids.
    Besides, I want new blood. Every coach at some point in time, believe it or not, wasn’t a head coach before for another team.

  16. Anyone who wants Gruden is just as batshit crazy as he is. “Chucky” is a fucking nut job and would run this franchise into the ground.
    Anyone who wants Reid to stay on as GM, President, Personel anything is also a fucktard.

  17. Tawm said he will not cut my Medicare but I just saw his iPhone and he texted Mitt Roney and the yare cutting it!

  18. There’s never been a coach who won a Super Bowl coaching two different teams.
    No reason to expect Payton will end that trend.
    Or Gruden.
    Or Cowher.
    I’d take Belichick, though. Or rednose from NY.

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