Phillies Among Favorites to Land Michael Bourn

The offseason is already more fun than the season. Jon Heyman: [CBS Sports]

According to executives here, free-agent center fielder Michael Bourn is among the most popular available players, so popular he's getting interest from teams that are completely unexpected, including even the Red Sox.

The Nationals and Phillies have long been seen as among the favorites to land the speedy center fielder, but Danny Knobler identified on Friday the Reds are another possibility, and sources suggest even the Red Sox are considering Bourn. 


Just so you know: Michael Bourn struck out 155 times last season and had an OPS four points lower than Jimmy Rollins. And he’s going to cost a ton of money. Just so you know.


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  1. He’s only 30, so a 7 or 8 year deal is fair. I’d pay him $17-19mil/year over Hamilton. I doubt he costs that much though. Scott Boras is known for accepting smaller deals with big market teams.

  2. so let me get this straight. We get rid of a Right handed right fielder Hunter Pence who despite his many flaws hit 24 hrs and 104 rbis this year so we can get a possible catcher of the future who we will probably trade, so we can free up cash to get 1) a left handed bat which we don’t need who had more K’s than pence or 2) upton who had more k’s less rbi’s and is a clubhouse cancer. Seems to make sense to me.

  3. Woke up in a great mood & then I see this shit. No way rube should sign this 260, 3 hr a year, strikeout king

  4. If Ruben has even half a brain, he’d reconsider his foolish interest in Bourn and go in another direction as a big splash like that would be a big mistake. In fact, Amaro should cast his eyes towards San Francisco as the Giants haven’t made any sort of huge, expensive, headline grabbing deals, settling for low priced, high reward complimentary pieces, and that formula helped the Giants won two of the last three World Series. It’s time for Ruben to think small like the Giants have.

  5. @boom
    im boom, don’t steal my name or else you’re gonna die.
    get over hunter pence, he has blown since the trade and he blew 95% of the playoffs.

  6. I fucking hate Bourn, he sucks. We need motherfuckers to get on base and this guy just doesn’t do it.
    Fucking Rube better not sign this idiot.

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