Phillies Rep Reps Crossing Broad at Local High School

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Hearts and minds, ladies and gentlemen. Hearts and fucking minds.

Reader (@AndubC856), a student at Gloucester High School in New Jersey, informed me via the Tweets that the Phillies sent a presenter to the school’s career day today who discussed our friendly little sports blog. Here’s how it happened: 

We just had an assembly at our school with Phillies reps talking to us. They asked if anyone checked Crossing Broad daily or just in general. Out of the whole school, my hand was the lone one. I am ashamed, yet proud.  We're having a sort of career day here, and we had Phillies reps come talk to us and one of the presenters was talking about how people cover the Phillies and then she asked about CB. She then told the rest of my school that CB is the best Philly sports blog to follow and she encourages all Phillies fans to check it out.


First off, the students of Gloucester High and I are beefing. WTF, Gloucesterererer? One hand? ONE? You illiterate bastards. Go back to listening to your rap music and playing PS Vita, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays. But not you, (@AndubC856). You can stay. 

Second: I see you, Phillies rep, reppin’ CB to impressionable youngsters. Good looks, hunnie. You tell Rube I’m watching him.

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45 Responses

  1. This site is just about the only one I read for Philly sports. This and Action News. Everyone else just isn’t funny….

  2. Somebody calls you out for a racist comment in the Bynum post so you disable the comments? Im saying it anyway you friggin snake.
    Agreed w counterproductive. It’s the same kind of stuff that constantly pops up on this blog that makes it hard to stomach for non-morons. You were kidding Kyle? What are you, 12? It’s not blatantly racist so it’s acceptable? Get a clue. As I’ve said before, Malvern/Nova= good schools but NO (zero) concept of race/racism and what is acceptable. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the topic.
    Look at your idiot racist commenters. If you didn’t post consistent quasi-racist remarks, maybe that shit would disappear. Not that you care.
    Also agree with tfor3. Hoping he gets on the damn court soon so the bashing can stop.
    Thanks for your time Kyle and congrats on your high school fandom! You’re obviously very proud.

  3. Steve, I have a Master’s Degree from an Ivy League school, so when I tell you to go suck a dick and stop being a bitch, know that that comment is coming from a very educated person.

  4. Hey Steve here’s an update, I just confirmed my travel dates for my European tour that will be kicking off with a week in Budapest. This moron’s getting so laid!

  5. There’s the only knock I have on this site, that any idiot can pose as 15 different people because they’re bored and have no life. Bottom feeders of internet lawlessness on display. Does any comment on here ever get deleted for any reason? Just curious.

  6. My favorite was where he implied that a self-respecting person would derive their sense of proper racial boundaries from their dickbag LA professors. The scary part is that I think that’s often the case.
    Keep up the good work Kyle, you bastard.

  7. C’mon bro, I don’t give a fuck about Steve except he’s entitled to an opinion. But the obvious forgeries on here tend to undermine the point of commenting at all, don’t they? And don’t you think I know he’s/they’re about to be pointed at me just for asking this?
    Hey I’m glad the site was mentioned somewhere, whatever.

  8. Who the fuck really cares about obvious forgeries on a sports blog’s comment threads? We’re not curing cancer here.

  9. I woke up in a great mood & then see Steve’s evil comment to ruin my morning.
    Steve you are a homo: part wimp, and part pussy.
    Way to ruin this kids 15 min of fame

  10. Kyle is obviously on the Phila Sports Radar. Good things happen to good people.
    He’s shown great judgement on certain uh, emails i sent him.
    Information is a weapon. Kyle knows when to pull the trigger.

  11. Al TRU, why all the cliff hangers and inside jokes/comments? Bring your attention seeking to Facebook where it belongs.

  12. it would be funny if all the comments were Kyle but using different names for everything… Am I kyle? No, not at all.. just a funny thought… carry on interweb goers

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